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Week 12 Bragging Thread (1 Viewer)

Less bragging, more thankfulness. Tony G is lighting it up this year. I am in a local league with a bunch of FBGs and he is the #1 TE by a mile. It is 2 pts per TE reception so TEs are huge. Unless Gates has 20+ receptions and 5 TDs, TG is about 50 pts better than the 2nd place TE, which is about 25-30% better. Since Thigpen, he has been dominant and may even get to the top 5 overall in the league after this week. Thanks Tony.

I am about to set my league's all-time record for most points scored in a game and biggest margin of victory (85 pts.). Had Eli, Turner, Moss, Ravens all going. 1 pt. away from the record with Grant still to go.

I heart M Turner & Rany Moss

I was pissed when I sat T Jones for D Williams when Jones had a good night on Thursday, until D Will stepped up. I have the highest point total for the league all season already, w/ Brees to play tommorrow.

Others who helped: Dallas D, Ted Ginn

Another owner here who set a high week record thanks to Turner and Moss. :coffee:

And of course the brilliant move of starting McFadden. :lmao:

Packaged Jacobs to another owner for LT before our trading deadline.

Faced that owner this week and won (due mostly to Jacobs being inactive).

12-0 ........!!!!!!

Feels good ....

I have a very legit shot at 13-0 ... the team I have to play is very bad ...( put you never know what will happen)

A dominating 10-2 thanks to Eli and Delo Williams and Nick Folk among others.

Favretastic goes back into the starting lineup this coming week to destroy Denver. Hello 11-2.

I almost never make Sunday Morning lineup changes, but I never felt comfortable with my lineup so I made a move a half hour before kickoff yesterday. I pulled Frank Gore and plugged in Matt Forte. Thanks to that decision I am in good shape to take down a team lead by DWill, TO and Moss. (He had McNabb too, that helped)

Now hopefully I can go back to sticking with my Thursday lineup decisions. One successful Sunday morning switch will probably lead to a month of bad moves.




Bal Def

Thank you!

10-2 and a 1st round bye

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That lone catch by Colston gave me a 1.7 point win, a 10-2 record, and a guaranteed first-round bye in the playoffs :banned:

Oh, and I have beaten this opponent twice this year, by a combined 1.8 points.

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Wrapped up a 1st round bye beating the commish 168-44 and weekly hight now 9-3. In this years two meeting I have combined for 312pts to 80pts. Brees,Turner,TO,Boldin,Jennings,Bills. L.Moore sitting on the bench.

Total pts team had high of week for the 3rd straight week to pull away from 2nd place team by 70pts. 167pts from the gang of Brees,T.Jones,R.Moss,Longwell, and Bill. Once again L. Moore was riding the pines.

Down by 64 with Brees and Moore to play, PPR and playing for the division winner prize

Brees 323 (16) 4td (24) no INT. bonus (2) = 42

Moore 5 catches (5) 116 + (11) + 2 td (12) = 28

70... SHIP IT


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