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Week 17: 3 divisions to be decided? (1 Viewer)


Week 17 this year could possibly have 3 divisions decided in head-to-head matchups.

Green Bay at Chicago

Baltimore at Cincinnati

Philadelphia at Dallas

Baltimore/Cinci is a long shot. Also, the only way that game is being shown in primetime is if it's the sole win-or-go-home contest. NFL/NBC would much rather have one of the other two.

Anyway, I think we all know where this is going: Philly/Dallas for the title, Romo throws a 4th quarter pick to blow the game. Lock it down.

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I hope NBC moves the Bears-Packers to Sunday night football.....if Rodgers comes back, how can you not? It will be the best game of the week. Best rivalry in football to decide which team goes to the playoffs....2 of the best and largest fan bases in the US. Playing in Soldier Field in the cold....wow I have chills just thinking about this.


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