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Week 17 Bragging Thread (1 Viewer)

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Won my local IDP league (keep 22 of 32 every year) for the 2nd consecutive year. Nobody had ever won 2 straight in the 15 year history of the league. Have won 3 of the last 5 and also lost one championship game in the last 5 years. I have had Peyton his whole career, and the most recent championship I lost is the only one I played him in. The 3 recent wins, I started Plummer, Cutler, Cutler.

You just have to prepare for the week 17 finale. Having good depth helps. It's the same for everyone.

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My league plays it's fantasy bowl in week 17. I will end up winning my fantasy bowl for the 2nd time in 3 years and the 3rd time in 7 years. I have a passion for football, and I get most of my information from fo

otballguys. I would like to thank the footballguys for all of their hard work and dedication to bringing us the best football information there is. I am only the second repeat champion in our league, and the other is my best friend and footballguys subscriber, so therels not much I can do about him, hels my hardest competition every year. Thanks again, and I am proof that footballguys is the best fantasy site out there.

My streak of winning a championship in at least one of my 2 main leagues every year since 2000 came to an end last season when I made the Super Bowls of both leagues but lost them both.

So time to start up another streak. Had the best record and #1 seed in one of the leagues and made the Super Bowl. Didn't check any scores until the Denver-San Diego game was almost done. Looks like I was down by 20 going into Sunday night with my opponent done and me having Gates, Marshall and Jamie Winborn. Glad I didn't check the scores, as I was able to enjoy the games today and not chew my nails over my fantasy team. My boys pulled out a 190-185 come from behind win for me in the end. My opponent's last minute lineup change 13 minutes before kickoff really helped too, as he benched Norwood.

Thanks to Footballguys for the assist. I don't put as much time into FF as I once did, and the excellent information and tools were a big help.

Now back to trying to convince my league to get rid of week 17 Super Bowls and go with some other schedule.

Got my second championship of the season this weekend.

Out of four leagues my teams have placed 1st, 1st, 2nd, and 8th (hey it happens). Not a bad season all in all.

Last week, I won my 2nd championship in the 7th year of my 16-team, 5-keeper league (Shula, hosted on MFL). Went in as the 5th seed after losing the division with a poor performance in Week 13. Ended up in the tough half of the tourney bracket but my team just exploded from there (see sig). Was especially pleased that my inconsistent trio of running backs showed up when it counted.

I was excited to win and wasn't ready to have the season end so I launched the Week 17 challenge which I opened to all teams in the league regardless of division. We played under "best ball" rules - winner take all (no starting lineup; use best players at each of the required positions). Only had three participants but it was me, the best team in the regular season, and a semi-finalist. Ended up destroying both en route to a little bonus cash thanks to the usual suspects...and a surprise big game from Tatum Bell!

Now my biggest decision in the offseason will be: which of my stars will be the odd man out? A month ago, I would have easily said "bye bye Gonzo". But after this resurgance and his rapport with Tyler Thigpen, it's going to be very tough to let him go. I also have Matt Cassel stashed away so hopefully he'll be good for some trading fodder as the Pats' QB situation becomes clearer.

My first Championship in a league that started 3 years ago. Last year I finished dead last so this is so much sweeter.

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Advanced to my third consecutive Super Bowl in my 35 man/IDP Dynasty League. The league is in it's fourth year and I've just collected my second title. I've got young talent so my run doesn't appear to be ending anytime soon, although you never know when the worm will turn. Good end to a frustrating season as my WR corps either couldn't stay healthy or they were playing with backup QB's. Kind of odd that the two seasons that I collected titles my WR's were subpar but the season I lost the Super Bowl I was loaded at the position.

Just did a quick look to determine who my 25 keepers will be and am feeling pretty good about the talent I'll be able to protect.

Thanks as always to the FBG braintrust. You guys are the best in the biz.


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