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Week 17 Venting Thread (1 Viewer)

ok, as of right now this may be a little premature, but after espn's server being down from 12-1 est I'm pretty heated right now. not against anyone on the board or at FG's....i just can't understand a few things and i'm hoping this board can help me. b/c at this pt if i lose both the championships i'm in right now i may be DONE w/ fantasy football after 6 yrs.

what really makes me hot is:

the whole playoff system

the playoff's being the last 4 weeks of the regular season

people that are in leagues, but never participate after repeatedly telling the LM he is "all over it"

" " and end up in the league championship b/c

top tier players don't play if games don't matter (especially the last two weeks of the season)

what is the pt of year after year, spending 20-24 weeks analyzing and playing fantasy football if some idiot that got lucky for 2-4 weeks wins it all????

I'd like to thank Yahoo! for completely ####### my season.
So I ended up making a miraculous comeback thanks to the Philly D only to tie and the Yahoo tiebreaker is total TD's by starters, of which I got pummeled. Fantastic - meanwhile Schaub and Breaston were on my bench while Yahoo was down so I started Matt Ryan and Reggie Wayne.
My own coaching came up short in the biggest game.

Stuff happens.

Better luck next year.


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