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Week 2 defense (1 Viewer)


PICK 2 starters out of these players to start this week:dan morgan vs nederrick johnson vs oakmike peterson vs indyodel thurman vs minMY SCORING IS...1pt for a tackle,pass defended3 pts for sack ,ff,fumble recovery, interceptionWHICH 2 WOULD YOU START?I WILL RESPOND TO YOUR QUESTION...THANKS

Please answer my tillman question thanks. Johnson and Odell are my locks and its really a tossup between Peterson and Morgan.However Indy didnt allow a sack week one against the agressive ravens and i expect more of the same week 2. Bench peterson even if jenkins cant create holes for morgan.JonhsonOdellMorgan.

i'd go Morgan and Johnson by a mile. My situation is that I'm not benching Antonio Pierce, Jon Vilma, or Nick Barnett. I need to fill the 4th spot with either Morgan or Johnson.


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