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Week 2 QB Stream (1 Viewer)


12 teamer, 6 points per passing TD, 1 pt per 20 yards passing, 1 pt per 10 yards rushing, -2 for an interception

I currently have the following rostered:

Dalton vs BAL, Flacco @ CIN and Mariota vs HOU

On the wire, the following are available:

Tannehill @ NYJ, Fitzpatrick vs PHI and Foles @ TB

Who would you start? I am currently leaning Dalton, Thoughts?

I want no part of tonight's game, so Dalton/Flacco are the bottom 2 options in my opinion. 

At the moment I'd lean Mariota. He was playing just fine, until his game got delayed twice. I think that entire game can be ignored, as I don't see any other 7 hour games in his future. Is that really all there is on waivers? No Tyrod? Keenum? Bortles? Even Darnold?

Tyrod, Keenum and Bortles are gone. Darnold caught my eye but I thought Dalton was a better option.


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