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What do you need Monday...to beat the P Manning Owner (1 Viewer)


I am down 55 with Vick, D Jax, and Bullock tonight (all TDs 6 pts, PPR) I feel halfway OK with this but will need a TD hookup to go to D Jax. Hoping for 28 from Vick, 20 from Jackson, and 8 from my kicker. Not easy, but also not out of the realm of possibility.

I am so pissed, I drafted the Chiefs in the last round for the week 1 matchup against JAX and then dropped them in waivers for the Colts to play the Raiders. Cost me 20 points and possibly the win. :ptts:

My other starters were Rice, Gore, J Jones, A Brown, Witten, Colts.

So who do you need to beat P Manning?

Has nothing to do with Peyton but I need RG3 and Bullock to score 25 more points than McCoy. Not holding my breath.

Its funny. The manning owner in my league went up against Kaepernick and Anquan. He's only leading by 13 going in to tonight.

My game is won, but the funny thing about the guy with P Manning and W Welker on his team is that while he is winning and likely hold on this week - he scored 100.5 points of which those two players accounted for 70.5. Of his other 12 players (this is an IDP league where you start 7 off and 7 def players) - they combined for 30 points. He could even lose if McCoy has an outstanding night (3 tds, 100 + yards).

Going/went against PManning, Welker and Ver Davis. Down 13 (std) with my RGIII vs A Foster. :crossfingers:

I'm a Peyton Manning owner in the only league I play in, and my opponent needs to score about negative thirty points tonight for me to win.

While Peyton put up a monster game, the rest of my team put up duds. Meanwhile, my opponent trotted out Kaepernick, Witten, Victor Cruz, Anquan Boldin, and Reggie Bush.

I have to be in a small percentage of Peyton owners to lose, and in an even smaller percentage to get absolutely pounded.

I've got Manning and had such a bad day yesterday that I am now behind in my matchup and need lots of points from McCoy and Desean to try to catch up.

EDIT: Jewell, looks like I'm in a similar situation as you.

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Peyton hung 66 on me in ESPN.

Going into tonight he's up 143-116 with Andre Johnson, Owen Daniels, Ryan Matthews, and Eric Weddle.

I've got RG3, McCoy and Alfred Morris

If I'd started Eli and his 42 points, I'd be ahead 15 going into tonight. Here's hoping for the ultimate shootout between the Eagles and Redskins.

I'm up by 2

I've got McCoy, he's got Foster and Daniels. He also had Boldin on the bench. lol

I need aout 300 yards passing, 4 TDs and 100 rushing yards from RG3 and about 4 FGs from Randy Bullock.

I need roughly 50 (ppr) from the combo of Foster and Garcon. Not likely, but I am not yet out of it.

I need about 86 points total from Andre Johnson, Alfred Morris and Randy Bullock.

So, probably not going to get it. Funny thing is I had Eli Manning and Boldin on my bench and started Luck and Steve Johnson instead. Whatever.

I went into tonight up by 9 (SHOULD have been up 20 but Myers got a ton of garbage time points on that last NYG drive) with him having Morris and myself having Andre Johnson. As long as Alfred Morris doesn't outscore Andre Johnson by 8 or so points I should win.

Already did... twice! I had Demaryious in one and that pretty much countered all of Peyton, then a solid all-around outing in my other one against him. Fun stuff.

Went up against Peyton and AP owner, after AP's 75 yd TD scamper, I was essentially down 76-0...eventually beat him by 27. :hifive:

Not playing Manning, but got stuck against AJ Green and the freakin Cowboys Defense. If Either Zach Sudfeld or the Giants didn't suck, I wouldn't be down 6 right now. Thank God Vick and McCoy are beasting. Need a really solid ONE LAST DRIVE

Amazingly, 20 yards from Foster ought to do it. Thank you Jordy Nelson and Jared Cook, and thank you also James Jones, Lamar Miller, and David Wilson.

Because people care, in my league, Manning owner saw his lead slip away thanks to his opponent's ADP, Jared Cook, Matt Ryan and others. Manning owner had Daniels, which then put him back into the lead but his opponent had Bullock who wins the game for him by 2.7 points thanks to the last-second FG.


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