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What has lifting done for you? (1 Viewer)

I've always played sports, and I've lifted seriously for probably the last 20 years. I've tried pretty much every program imaginable, and got to a point where I just design my own programs based on what my current goals. I've had my best results with 5x5 linear (AKA Mad Cow) for strength, and Hypertrophy Cluster Training for size, but a combo program like PHUL or Power/Muscle/Burn can be really good too.

unfortunately, a couple years I had to have one of my kidneys removed, and I've never really gotten back to the level I was at pre-surgery. I'm still a dedicated lifter, but I just can't pound the protein intake like I used too. ?

anyway, I love lifting, and I think it's an amazingly beneficial activity for pretty much anyone who has the motivation to dedicate some time & effort to it. 
Now you guys just sound like you're talking Japanese car repairs.

Of course, I'm the guy that the mechanic could say "you slung your Johnson rod" and I'd be like "whoa. Sounds serious. Will $1k be enough to fix it?"

I got some research to do...

I've never tried it so I can't comment too much on it, but you're supposed to switch hands often to keep from having imbalances. I know you can tear your bicep with a traditional grip, as well. 

My point was don't let your grip determine how much you can deadlift. Definitely don't let your grip hinder your deadlift, but as you stated, the potential problems with an over/under grip are something to be aware of.

Hook grip is better, but I hear it can be a ##### getting used to it, LOL. Luckily, my grip has always been really strong (probably from years of wrestling) & I haven't had to go away from a traditional grip yet.
Yeah I never do anything but double over hand myself. I enjoy them fore arm gains to much. Between deads and weighted pull ups/chin ups they are one of my better features. If people are struggling heavily with grip strength on deads I would use straps with a double over hand grip and do farmer walks on the side until your grip strength can catch up with back/legs. 


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