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What is the kindest thing you have done (1 Viewer)

Not to sound like some goody two shoes, but since there are 3 pages of guys bragging about their ability to be underhanded.  I thought we could have some stories about guys doing good things to promote Fantasy Football.  Because really, it's not that hard to be a jack***, it's a lot harder to be kind.

For example, I wanted to get my dad into fantasy football, so I convinced him to join my league.  By mid-season half his team was injured (he had Deuce, J. Walker, Caddy, Bulger, A. Green).  And my team had some good depth so I gave him a good deal on plax, FWP, Jimmy Smith, and a couple other guys.  He ended up making the playoffs, and I didn't.  But I know he'll be back next year.
So you screwed 10 other guys to help out your Dad?
Not about my kindness- but others:

I live in gulfport ms. I was hit hard by Katrina- lost my apartment, a car, and most of my belongings. I am still battling with insurance 8 months later. A bunch of people here at FBG's donated money to help FBG's in need. I received much more help from FBG that from Red Cross ($300) and FEMA ($0) combined. Some great things happen here.
That's great! Hope all is well with you and your family. Good Luck!P.S.--Those who donated appreciate the fact that you didn't spend the money on a family vacation as someone else here did. :thumbdown: If we had known then what that t00l was gonna do you would have gotten even more money.
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