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What is your favorite draft position? (1 Viewer)

It changes from season to season. This season, I'd be fine in the middle to later middle. Just look at "Who would you take after ADP?" thread. Honestly, almost any of those guys would be a viable RB1 - McCoy, Spiller, Rice, Forte, T.Rich, Martin, Foster, etc. As such, you could easily snag one of them at 7 or 8 and come back around after the turn and nail either another quality RB or, depending on roster requirements, go with a stud a WR or even QB.

Several years ago (when Moss and T.O. were studs), I loved later and utilized the studWR/studWR method - and one draft got them both. It was a 10 teamer and I was 10th. Best overall record that year. The other nice thing about that strategy is you are usually starting positional runs from their, not reacting to them. It's one thing when someone snags 1 stud WR or 1 stud QB, but when you snag the top 2...then the next guy thinks "Man, those two are already gone, I better get one..." then at the 3/4 go RB/QB...then the QBs start.

But a lot of it depends on scoring, roster requirements and the talent/situations of that particular season. Some also depends on leaguemates and their drafting tendencies. I know 2 guys in my league that will go RB-RB and just keep adding RBs until their heads explode. Use that to your advantage, wherever your slot it.

1. Give me ADP and the 2 second rounders who fall. Best shot of having three viable RBs and still snagging 2 servicable WRs

I think 8-10 is the sweet spot this year. Starting off with a McCoy/Calvin/T-Rich then pairing them with an SJax/Forte/Dez coming back suits my eye well. Any earlier and you probably don't get the guys coming back to you in the 2nd. Any later and you don't get the first rounders to fall.
This is wisdom, and it's how I rolled in my big draft.

I know my projections aren't everybody's projections, but almost every year, I see my whole top five or six overall choices gone no later than about 8th pick overall.

This year, the relative discounts I'm seeing on TRich and Forte mean I have a legit chance at two of my top five if I hit that sweet spot.

Yeah, its 8-10 or "mid late" this year. The first round RBs are essentially interchangible IMO, voiding any positional advantage you'd usually have by getting to choose from the "elite". I don't see a serious the drop off this year untill mid 2nd.

After the turn, you still have the pick of the litter, being able to pair your RB with another RB1 or top flight WR

I dislike the 5th pick the most this year as it pertains to the first two rounds. As I said, first round RBs are essentially interchangible but also I find myself at the tail end of the RB run at 2.07, usually starting a WR run myself. Sadly, I don't think the drop off from WR2-3 and WR6-7 is all that large either. There's just nothing to exploit in the first two rounds in that spot IMO.

I like drafting at the tail 10-12. It just seems like i get a better overall feel for things from there. IMO it's easier to stay ahead of runs, strategize and find value etc. I love having the 2 picks back to back, you get to see everything coming to you make your picks and repeat.

With early/middle picks I always feel like I have to make a decision on whether or not to reach for someone with my first pick then I have to sweat it out hoping one of my other targets for those rounds makes it back to me.

I generally like picking in the middle (5-7). It just seems easier to get the guys you are targeting as your picks come around more frequently. If you pick 1-2 or 11-12 you have to either reach for certain guy you want or risk losing them as you have to wait so long for your turn to come up again


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