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What QB to pick up for this week (I have Burrow)? (1 Viewer)


Going to assume Burrow is out. My options from available free agents are Mayfield v Philly, Stafford at Cincy, Stroud at Jax, Ridder @Detroit, Garrapolo v Steelers, Carr at GB, Pickett @ LV and Carr at GB. All pretty weak options, but need to ride with one of them. QB scoring is 4 points per TD pass, -1 per int and 1 point every 25 yds passing. Also get 1 point for every 10 rushing yards. I am struggling here. Help me out folks!
I'd go Stafford or Carr.

- Stafford is playing really well right now, even against that tough SF D. Might ride the "hot hand' he, McVay and Paku got going right now.
- GB's D doesn't scare me at Carr has some weapons in Olave, a healthy Thomas and Shahid. Might have to pass a bit more with the RB situation in the air.

Neither gives you rushing so go with the one who you think will give you volume.

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