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What should I do with Bell? (1 Viewer)


I’m 2-3 and have Bell in my IR slot.  Should I ride it out at this point or try to shop him and shake up my roster?  If I should trade him what are some potential targets? Thanks!

0.5 ppr

qb- luck, winston

rb- Kamara, White, R.jones, Chubb, Bell

wr- Hilton, Sanders, c.davis, Watkins, m.williams, k.coutee

te- graham

k- butker

d/st- rams 

Yeah, it's tough. Bell is supposedly coming back Week 8 but there's still no news about him signing the tag and still rumors of possible trades for him. If you can, definitely go for Green/Cooks/Diggs etc. I don't think you can fetch a top 3-5 WRs (Thielen/Thomas/Hopkins). Then again, it'll be hard to get those high profile players because of the cloud around Bell so far. But definitely move him since you're set at RB. Just watch the waivers for bye week replacements.

You can definitely use some help at WR.  I'd look at the FBG Top 200 and target people above Bell's spot by packaging something else.  Or maybe a couple WR just below Bell's spot if you're doing a 1-for-2.  

Here's a trade chart I also look at.  Of course these are always one guy's opinion, but it gives you a place to start.  Generally you'll find that most people would say I'd rather be receiving one guy valued at 20 points than a pair of guys both valued at 12 points.  But if you really think one of those 12 point guys is going to break out, that can move the trade into your favor.


Thanks for answering mine


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