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I am in an Idp dynasty league and I need to make some cuts to my roster.What do you think of these guys and how much value would they hold long term? I woulg get back 7 contract years if I cut Eric Barton NYJ LB , 8 contract years if I cut Gary Baxter CLE CB, and 2 contract years for Jeff Ulbrich SF LB, I could get back 7 contract years from Jason Ferguson DAL DT, 7 years from Kelly Gregg BAL DT, 7years from Jamie Sharper FA LB, and Brian Russell CLE S. These are all guys I'm considering dropping. Another option I have is dropping them now and putting them on the free agent bidding block.Doing that if I won the bid I could place as many contract years on them as I wanted probably 2-3 years rather than the 7 they now hold. Any suggestions would be cool.

My BDFL league.

This is a 14 team dynasty IDP contract league

This is a link to the league.


Killer Scarecrows Contract years

Bouman, Todd NOS QB 2004-06

Brooks, Aaron NOS QB 2004-11

McCown, Josh ARI QB 2004-11

Warner, Kurt ARI QB 2004-06

Betts, Ladell WAS RB 2005-08

Jones, Kevin DET RB 2004-13

Pearman, Alvin JAC RB 2005-09

Portis, Clinton WAS RB 2004-11

Stecker, Aaron NOS RB 2004-07

Horn, Joe NOS WR 2004-11

Johnson, Keyshawn DAL WR 2004-06

Lelie, Ashley DEN WR 2004-11

Roby, Courtney TEN WR 2005-07

Smith, Jimmy JAC WR 2004-07

Williams, Mike DET WR 2005-10

Franks, Bubba GBP TE 2004-06

Hartsock, Ben IND TE 2005-09

Smith, Alex TBB TE 2005-08

Feely, Jay NYG PK 2004-08

Mare, Olindo MIA PK 2004-09

Ferguson, Jason DAL DT 2004-11

Gregg, Kelly BAL DT 2004-11

Little, Leonard STL DE 2004-11

Okeafor, Chike ARI DE 2004-07

Smith, Brady FA DE 2005-06

Brackett, Gary IND LB 2005-07

Hobson, Victor NYJ LB 2005-06

Marshall, Lemar WAS LB 2005-09

Miller, Caleb CIN LB 2004-07

Sharper, Jamie FA LB 2004-11

Adams, Mike SFO CB 2005-06

Harper, Nick IND CB 2004-10

McCree, Marlon CAR S 2005-06

Minter, Mike CAR S 2004-07

Roman, Mark GBP S 2004-08

Russell, Brian CLE S 2004-12

Injured Reserve

Murphy, Terrence GBP WR 2005-08

Sapp, Warren OAK DT 2005-06

Barton, Eric NYJ LB 2004-11

Ulbrich, Jeff SFO LB 2004-06

Baxter, Gary CLE CB 2004-10

5 Total Players

Rookie Taxi Squad

Fitzpatrick, Ryan STL QB

Greene, David SEA QB

Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB

3 Total Players

Total contract years used: 153

contract Cap years: 170

Cap Room years: 17

The contracts on the guys on IR are not counting aganst my cap while on IR and I wont have to give my rookie taxi players until the rookie draft.

Of the the ones you listed, Eric Barton has value, depending on how he comes back from his injury. I'd be willing to hold on to him, or if you think he'd go for a low price you could try the FA bidding route.

Terrance Murphy is a cut candidate. He may likely be out of football due to his spine issue.


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