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When do waivers start? (1 Viewer)


The rules say we can start entering bids on Sunday but as of today we still cannot enter any bids. When do waivers begin

You might to re-check that - teams CAN enter FA bids now for the WEDNESDAY FAAB run

FAAB or blind bidding waivers run every Wednesday & Friday

How do I get into it? After I go into "Team", "Waiver Wire", there's no link to get into the waiver wire pool of available players - I just see a bunch of verbiage on the process.

No, there's no link to get into the trading room altogether - can't get in at all. I sent a note to FFPC, but looking at their message boards, many others are having the same problem.

Here's the update from FFPC:

Hi there,

RT Sports is aware of this. They are working on it now. It should not be long.

Chris Lambert

Fantasy Football Players Championship

When do the waivers go through?

I know the deadline is 10PM EST tonight, but when will we see who won each player?


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