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Which 5 of the 2012 top-10 RB's fall out in 2013? (1 Viewer)

Which 5 DO NOT finish top-10 in 2013

  • Adrian Peterson

    Votes: 15 7.1%
  • Doug Martin

    Votes: 48 22.6%
  • Arian Foster

    Votes: 97 45.8%
  • Marshawn Lynch

    Votes: 119 56.1%
  • Alfred Morris

    Votes: 158 74.5%
  • Ray Rice

    Votes: 118 55.7%
  • CJ Spiller

    Votes: 83 39.2%
  • Jamaal Charles

    Votes: 27 12.7%
  • Trent Richardson

    Votes: 115 54.2%
  • Steven Ridley

    Votes: 199 93.9%

  • Total voters
Just because they fall out of the top 10 doesn't mean they are a bust. In theory, they could fall to the 11-15 spots. That is far from disastrous!

My 5:

Foster- split carries and Houston won't be a 12 win team this year. I think they'll rely a little less on the run.

Ridley- Vereen

Lynch- can't go Beastmode while suspended and sitting on your couch.

Rice- I saw the writing on the wall DURING the playoffs when he was standing on the sidelines in crunch time.

Morris- I suspect RG3 will not be as explosive and this the holes won't be as big for Morris to run through.


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