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Which Of These Scenarios Are Examples Of Collusion? (1 Viewer)

the lone star

So my league doesn't have any hard anti-collusion rules, but I thought I would ask about these scenarios anyway. Please let me know which ones you think, if any, are examples of collusion.

Scenario 1: Team A trades players to Team B and they agree to split any earnings.

Scenario 2: Team C trades star players to Team D, but it is for what the league has determined as fair-market value. There is no agreement to split earnings, but Team C wants to trade to Team D because he dislikes the other owners in the league and wants to make things tougher for them.

Scenario 3: Team E agrees to not enter into trade talks that Team F is involved in, because Teams E and F have a close personal bond. Likewise, Team F agrees to not enter into trade talks if Team E is involved, but Team G wants to hear bids from all interested teams.

Scenario 4: Team H agrees to trade a certain package of draft picks to Team I, if Team I beats Team H in their matchup that week. The trade would still be for fair-market-value though. Also assume that teams have been able to make low-stakes bets like this in the past, but this particular instance definitely raises the stakes. No rule against bets though.

Scenario 5: Team J makes a bid on a free agent. Team J cannot increase his own bid on the player, so he asks Team K to increase the bid, so that Team J can come in after him and bid the player up again to the price that he wants. Team J is successful in doing this.

Scenario 6: The commissioner sends out mass texts to everyone in the league telling them to increase the bid on a star free agent. The commissioner is successful in doing this.

Please discuss below. Thanks

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No. It undermines the integrity of the league.  There doesn't need to be a rule to prevent collusion. 

Scenario 1:  Collusion in it's purest form

Scenario 2:  If trade is fair market value then no collusion.  It doesn't matter that one owner roots for another owner to win.  Maybe they are friends.

Scenario 3:  You can run your team how you want.  Not participating in trade talks (for whatever reason) is not collusion.

Scenario 4:  If the trade is fair market value then no collusion.  Doesn't matter why the trade is being made (bet). 


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