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Which RBs to start? (1 Viewer)


This is a crazy league. I need to know which RBs will score TDs today. Plan so far is Hall and Jones, but with Mosteart out Archae is in a very good spot.

De'von Archae: A very weak BUF run D the last few weeks. Mosteart (sp?) is not playing
Breece Hall: At NEP, weak D, but you never know what Jets team is going to show up.
Aaron Jones: Main back playing a Chicago D that is pretty easy for RBs
Bijan Robinson: Playing a NOS team that is pretty tough against the run and he has not been good for the end zone this season.
I think I’d go Achane, Hall and Jones. Clearly Jones is no lock to score, but GB is playing to win, so I’d go with him. Couldn’t blame you for going Bijan over Jones though.

Think you could look at mine?

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