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Which team would u rather face week 15 (will answer yours) (1 Viewer)


As regular season winner I get to choose which team I would rather face in the playoffs. 1/2 point ppr with heavy emphasis on td’s. Which team would you rather face? Thanks in advance!!!!

Team 1

Roesthlisberger vs New England

L.Fournette vs Redskins

M.Gordon (or J.Jackson) vs KC

A.Peterson vs Jax

A.Cooper @ Colts

T.Boyd vs Raiders

K.Galloday vs Bills

J.Graham vs Bears

Jax vs WSH

Team 2

P.Rivers vs KC

E.Elliot @ Colts

J.Mixon vs Raiders

J.Samuels vs Patriots

K.Allen vs KC

A.Humphries @ BLT

D.Pettis vs Seattle

G.Everett vs Eagles

New Orleans vs Panthers

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Thanks for the response. Could use as much help as I can get...I’m afraid that Rivers is going to come out and destroy the Chiefs 



QB - Even

RB - Edge to team 2.

WR - Edge to team 1

TE - Even

D - Edge to team 1

It's really close, but I would rather play team 1.   Ben's higher bust probability is the determining factor.



Across the board team 2 is stronger than team 1

Rivers over Ben without a doubt against KC's high scoring offense and porous defense

Elliot, Mixon, Samuels > Fournette, Peterson and SD RB, this is close but SD's rb situation will be a question mark going into the game

Allen strong than Cooper in a shootout.

Without the red rifle Boyd isn't doing much, Humphries has been coming on.

Golladay vs tough Buff D vs Pettis vs Seattle who is gouged for 129 yards and 2 TD's a couple of weeks ago.

TE's Graham over Everett but not enough to make a difference

Jax over NO but again-not enough to make a difference over the overall skill players



I would much prefer to go against team 1 as outlined in the other posts.  It's a fairly easy decision in my eyes. 



That's a tough one.  I'd almost want to push that decision to another team just in case fantasy football karma has a say.  I'd be scared of team two's RBs so I'd rather face team 1. 


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