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Who do I drop? (1 Viewer)


Hey everyone,

Picked up Kearse this week and dropped my kicker. While I am still under at the roster limit of 16, I currently have too many on my bench. Who do I drop to add a kicker?

QB: Big Ben, Dalton
RB: Conner, Howard, Hyde, Peterson, Barber, Ito Smith
WR: Tate, Funchess, DJax, Coutee, Kearse
TE: Olsen, Burton
DEF: Philly

Who would you drop?


Kearse....although you don't need two TE's.  Both have had their bye so you can look to trade one of them.  I would keep Burton and look to move Olsen before he gets hurt again.  I would have no issue with just dropping him either but I would rather drop Kearse between those two.


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