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Who do I keep?/Trade/Draft (1 Viewer)


I have an embarrassment of riches in my 2Qb PPR dynasty league. Starting 2Qb 3WR 2RB 1TE 1WR/TE 1WR/RB 1WRT.

I built a solid squad. I won the league. I have a surplus of draft picks.  #9,10,11,13,19. Plus more in 3rd round. 

QBs Wilson Watson Tua.

WR Hopkins, AJ Brown Godwin JJefferson, Laviska, Reagor, Pittman jr Boykin OZaccheus, Parris Campbell.

RB Zeke, Chubb, Jk dobbins, RoJo2, AJDillon, Akers, JDMcKissic 

TE Kelce Goedert Engram 

Now I'm targeting rare positional talents. I would like QB depth. I could possibly acquire #1 pick for player picks. Trade Wilson if I can upgrade to Mahomes? Keep Watson?  This TE Kyle Pitts seems to stand out among the rest. 

When do RB start to crumble, Year 5?  Would prefer to sell at the peak. 

Trying to acquire 2022 draft picks for my current slew of players. 

Are Trevor Lawrence, Etienne, JaMarr Chase Kyle Pitts positional, elite caliber talents? 



I would make it known you are willing to move players and see what nibbles you get.  In a 2QB league I wouldn't be moving any of the three you have unless it's an overpay.  They are premier commodities in that format.

I also think you are set for a 2-3 yr run.  I wouldn't blow that potential unless it improves your team for that time frame.

I'd shop Zeke.   You have plenty of other options there.   I would NOT, under any circumstances, move Kelce.   He might only get you a couple more years, but he is incredibly valuable, and you're in a win now window.

Making a move on the 1.01 is always exciting, and you probably can't roster all those picks.   The hype on Lawrence has been consistent and huge.  What does the 1.01 team look like, roster and picks?

Pitts looks like the real deal, but never plan on immediate production from a rookie TE.  He might be available at 1.09 in your league, as I'd guess that 3 QBs, 3 WRs, and (maybe, depending on landing spots) 3RBs get taken before him.


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