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Who is my first pick? (1 Viewer)


12 Team PPR Keep 1 League

I'm picking fourth tonight. Some guys jumped the gun via email so I know who the first three picks are.

Already picked: Bell, Elliott, D Johnson

N/A (Kept): Gurley Kamara

I'm looking at Gordon, Barkley, Hunt, Antonio Brown, Fournette

If I go receiver, all the mocks I've done show that my RB1 will actually be a RB2. Don't think I want to go WR so it's a RB.

I'm leaning Gordon.

Definitely go RB first for your first pick. WR depth is deep this season so you should still be able to get a WR1.

Id go Gordon, Barkely then Hunt.

I don't like those RB choices and go with the safer bet of Brown.  I know you said you don't like the RB's later but I would prefer locking in a safe PPR asset like Brown.  He would be my choice.

First thought - I agree with everyone that WR talent is very deep this year BUT, I think that applies to the WR2-4 ranks, not the WR1 position.  I think there are 8 safe WR1s (Brown, DHop, Allen, Thomas, Green, ODB, Julio, & Davante and three guys that are high risk potential WR1s (Evans, Hill & Hilton).  

Second thought - I hate over-paying.  With the five players you have listed as gone, the highest ranked running backs by ADP are at 7 (Barkley), 9(Hunt), (10)Fournette and Gordon (11).  You are basically picking 6th, so all but Barkely would be picking a guy 3 slots early in the 1st round.  On Barkley, I just can't get behind spening my 1st round pick on a rookie... any rookie.  Elliot and Fournette have spoiled us and led us to forget that most rookies... even those considered blue chip, fail to become fantasy studs in the NFL.  

Third, Getting one of the top 5 RBs is nice, but if you can't I would follow the NFL example and go RBBC.  In fantasy, the best RB matchups are easier to identify than WR ones.  RBBC is a very viable fantasy lineup strategy.

I would go Brown, but if you are dead set on RB, I would go Hunt.  

I would take Melvin. Had him last season in PPR. Stud. Goaline touches great offense. I read more receptions too, 

I’d go Fournette. Easiest run schedule in the league and set up for a monster work load this year. Also he will be more involved in passing game this year. Second choice would be Gordon.


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