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Who to drop to pick up Peyton Barber (1 Viewer)

bobby light

Peyton Barber is available in one of my leagues. I am solid with with my #1 and #2 running back, but want to pick him up for depth. I can either drop Tarik Cohen or Latavious Murray. I am leaning toward Cohen because chicago's offense is hit or miss, and howard is the bell cow there. I like having the idea of keeping murray because Cook has shown himself to be somewhat fragile, and it is obvious that Minny's offense can move the ball (as evidenced by last nights game). 

What should i do??

Thanks in advance!

I would have no issue with dropping Cohen but I am not sure if Barber is the right replacement.  I am not sure how much longer before they give Jones a shot.  Between Barber has the higher floor but no ceiling while Cohen has a really low floor with a higher ceiling (you just have no idea when/if that ceiling will ever be hit). 


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