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Who to drop (1 Viewer)


I am considering picking up Rhamondre Stevenson as the handcuff to Harris.  I think my choices to drop are:

1.  Jones since I don't have Kamara but he might have some value anyway.

2.  Lance since Brady looks like he is going to be good this year.

3.  Bernhard since it might be hard to forecast how he will do on a weekly basis,

Thanks for your help.

12 team, PPR - QB, 2-WR, 2-RB, WR/RB, TE, K, Def, 7-BN 3-IR

QB – Tom Brady, Trey Lance

RB – Dalvin Cook, Damien Harris, Kenyan Drake, Giovani Bernard, Alexander Mattison, Tony Jones

WR – AJ Brown, Keenan Allen, DJ Moore, DeVonta Smith, DJ Chark

TE – Noah Fant

K – M Prater

D – Packers



Gio needs one injury to have flex-worthy value
Jones needs one injury to have RB2 (maaaaybe low RB1) value
Lance needs to take over the starting job, and either out perform Brady or have Brady get injured to start for you.  

Drop Lance 



Assuming that you can find a bye week filler for Brady off the waiver wire the easy choice to drop is Lance.



I would never consider handcuffing a Pats running back. Just consider who you think has more value between Jones and Stevenson and make your choice accordingly


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