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Who to start in my flex??? (1 Viewer)


In a 10 team PPR league I need some help with my 2nd flex spot. Pick one of these guys to start. 

Josh Gordon @ Titans

Adrian Peterson @ Bucs

Alshon Jeffery vs Cowboys

Mark Ingram @ Bengals

Kenyan Drake @ Packers

Ive been trying to make a trade with some of my WR depth but after getting the best of the last 2 trades no one will trade with me. 

Despite the injuries to his o-line, I'd go Peterson. Tampa is a sieve on defense, and Peterson could have a 25-100-2 type week, if things break right.

I’m leaning towards Peterson too that o-line just makes me nervous. I am favored to win this week so volume play is probably my best best. 

It depends on whether or not you want a high floor or high ceiling. 

I would go with AP for the high floor play and Gordon for the high ceiling play. 


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