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I am drafting in a brand new dynasty-type league (18 keepers per season) using Diamond Mind Baseball. It is a 28-team league and I have pick #23 to start. For the first 20 rounds you must have at least half of your needed at bats and pitching starts/appearances covered so you cannot go for the low-use guys first.....and also the initial draft will be only for those players who played in 2012 and have 2013 stats.....the 2013 rookies will be in a separate draft in January.

I am wanting to go young and strong so I will be competitive for a number of years. I am thinking in terms of VBD purposes to go with position scarcity first (2b/SS/C) as the number of prime players at those positions will be gone first. Unfortunately with the #23 pick, will have to see what's available as guys like Posey, Hanley, Matt Carpenter, Longoria, Kipnis may already be gone. 1b/OF and pitching seem plentiful. I already drafted Rogers Centre as my ballpark (picked late in that as well).

I will post my picks as I make them.

How would you construct your team?

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Although pitching is plentiful, I am a firm believer that you cannot win a World Series without a stud pitcher to win games 1, 4 and 7 for you. Jose Fernandez would be awfully tempting in that spot if he is available.

Conventional wisdom is to go hitter heavy early. If you go this way, I'd try to fill at least one scarce position with my first three picks.

How long do you expect this league to last? There's a tendency in dynasty leagues to go young which may not make sense if the league folds inside of five years.

With a late draft slot, the shark move might be to deemphasize 2013 and pick somebody who would be a bounceback candidate next year (e.g. Braun, Kemp, Reyes, Bautista, Heyward etc.)

Think about what positions are durable. Not catcher, not SP, maybe not 2B.

Think about what positions tend to pop up every year. Maybe that's 3B. Catcher too.

I would look at SS and CF early though I'm not sure anyone makes sense at 23, maybe Carlos Gomez or Adam Jones if they fall?

If you have to use someone who actually played 1B at 1B then remember it isn't actually deep and there aren't a lot of great prospects on the horizon either.

I expect this league to be around for a while. My link below on my sig is a set of leagues that started its first one in 1992 that we are downsizing and this current league is a new one as a result of SPB-Now disbanding. And yes, there are position rules you have to follow as well. Outfielders can play any OF position, but if they move from RF or LF to CF the game automatically reduces their rating/effectiveness accordingly if they are not rated in CF.

Plenty of surprises in round 1. I took Chris Davis with the #23 pick which I think is an absolute steal.

Here were the picks before me...some real head-scratchers:

Mike Trout Andrew McCutchen Miguel Cabrera Clayton Kershaw Manny Machado Robinson Cano Adam Wainwright Stephen Strasburg Adam Jones Bryce Harper Giancarlo Stanton Buster Posey Carlos Gonzalez Jason Kipnis Prince Fielder Paul Goldschmidt Felix Hernandez Salvador Perez Jean Segura Yu Darvish Shin Soo Choo Josh Donaldson Chris Davis Evan longoria Madison Bumgarner Chris Sale Andrelton Simmons Joey Votto
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Formatting didnt go thru as planned. Oh well. I took a chance and took Matt Harvey in round 2. A stud in year 1, then i will have to go year 2 without him but I can protect him if I sacrifice a 3rd round draft pick in the following rookie draft which I will most certainly do.

I don't think there are any bad first rounders in this format. Any pick could make sense depending on how you plan to build your team. But plans have a way of going awry in big drafts. I'll be interested to see how teams are shaping up after round 5 or thereabouts.

Except Salvador Perez. Pretty much no chance he would be gone if you wanted to take him in 2nd.

I grabbed Patrick Corbin in round 3. Starling Marte is still sitting there and may take him in round 4. I would have taken EE but his position eligibility and UZR shyed me away.


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