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Who would you keep? (1 Viewer)

Pip's Invitation

10-team league that draws from 17 MLB teams (some AL, some NL). 5x5 with OBP and net steals instead of AVG and SB.

We have some unusual rules, including a $75 cap instead of $260, a $.25 minimum bid instead of $1, and no long-term contracts, but year-to-year raises instead. To keep someone, you pay him $1 or 150% of his previous year's salary, whichever is greater.

We can keep up to 6.

I am likely to keep these four for sure: (multiply by 3.5 to get a sense of what salary would be in $260 cap)

1B Butler $3.75

1B Howard $2.25

OF Kemp $8

P Cueto $1.50

Which two do you like from this list?

1B/2B/3B Keppinger $1.25

2B/SS/OF Zobrist $5

1B Olt $1

SS E. Aybar $1.50

OF Dirks $1.25

OF David Murphy $1

DH Scott $1

2B Profar $1

3B Rendon $1

P Archer $1

P Axford $3

P Cobb $1.50

P Hanrahan $2.25

P Hellickson $2.25

P Turner $1

P Delgado $1

P Smyly $1

Cobb for sure

Olt or Profar would be my next choice, Aybar also looks good. Olt is gonna be an OBP monster, you are an injury away from :moneybag:

I like Cobb and Aybar here.

Profar isn't a bad play either, could see that.

I wish the Rangers and Cards would just do the deal I saw proposed somewhere...Profar for Taveras. Fixes SS for STL, CF for Tex and frees up the 2 best prospects in the game for playing time.


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