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WIS XVII - The Cartereaganbush League: Scoobus beats Sammy in the Wis Series (1 Viewer)

Ended up with a Fireman Award for Brantley and two Gold Gloves for Sundberg and Van Slyke (missing out on Henderson in the first hurts)

Team hit a total of 45 HRs, total, for the whole team. Jesus. Last in RBI, 100 less than the next worst team. Last in walks. Last in OBP and SLG.

Man this team sucked.

6-1 run to end the season and finished 1 game out of the playoffs. A little over .500 seems to be my jam. 

Willie Hernandez finished 3rd in Cy Young voting, and I didn't remember to change his inning available from 9 to 7 until there were only like 30 games left. 

Oof. Should’ve had an easy closeout of Tank in game 4, with my ace Jerry Reuss against Danny Cox and his 6.31 ERA. But Reuss choked hard, gave up 9 runs and now I have to beat Steve Carlton in game 5. Looks like my usual first-round exit is still in the cards.

Congrats to Scoobus.  Geneva and Reuss gave me fits all year.  Glad i lost to the eventual winner.

Let's do this again real soon, maybe $5 a man.

Any interest in a 1990s league with a January start date? Something to get us through the winter... I'll commish.

If I'm going to get in a league where I am vaguely competitive but never really a threat and spend most of my time wondering why my pitcher with better numbers sucks compared to a throwaway guy who I thought would suck but is in the running for Cy Young, I'd rather do it with players I grew up watching. 

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