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Why am I considering this trade? Am I nuts?? (1 Viewer)


He gives
ETN / Doubs (or Olave) for Lamb and Burkhead

12 team PPR flex 10 (can start 4 WRs)

My Team
RBs are weak (Sanders/Patterson/Hines/J. Hill/Burkhead) - ETN would not immediately start
WRs are strong (Diggs/Lamb/Higgins/Samuel/Lockett/ARob/Claypool/R. Anderson)

His Team
RBs are strong (Henry/Dillon/ETN/Mattison/Pierce/Hillard)
WRs are weak-ish (Adams/hollywood/G WIlson/Bateman/Olave/Doubs)

Should I consider this? It's fun rolling out Higgins as a WR3 and Samuel/Lockett as flex. I have crazy WR depth because I knew I could start 4 every week. Should I make a run for another RB? Crazy how fast things change in fantasy.

I will certainly answer any of your questions

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