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Will Kawhi Leonard actually sit out this season? (1 Viewer)


As we all by now, the Spurs screwed Kawhi Leonard over by trading him to the Raptors yesterday.  It's not what he wanted due to the fact that he wanted to go to the Lakers.  But, there's actually talk that he might sit out the entire 2018-2019 season.  I wouldn't be surprised if the Raptors traded him to the Lakers before the start of season just so he wouldn't get booed if he does play this season.  Does anyone see him eventually going to the Lakers in the near future?

He'll be a Laker.  Probably before the season even starts, but definitely by the trade deadline.

It'll be Brandon Ingram as the main piece, along with a pick.

Josh Hart will be asked for but the Lakers will squash that.

Hell, maybe Lonzo will be shipped out.

Ingram is odd man out if/when a Kawhi trade happens anyways, so they're cool with letting him split.

I personally like Ingram and think he'll be a solid pro but he's no Kawhi.

Spurs fan here,

I'm ready to forgive and forget.  Come back to SA, Kawhi.  Do you want to be LeBron's wing man, or do you want to lead Spurs against Giannis in the Finals?  Surely you don't want to remain in Toronto (No offense intended, Toronto).

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The Raptors have eliminated the Bucks and won the championship,Leonard will not go, but the possibility is very small. I think he will go to the Clippers and it is suitable for him!


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