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Would like to pickup Phillip Lindsay, don't know who to drop! (1 Viewer)


PPR 1 point, TE's 1.5 point PPR.  12 team league, Everyone needs at least 1 defense on their roster.  I have Chicago as my main defense

Would like to pickup Phillip Lindsay,  but don't know who to drop! 

I think I have narrowed it down to New England Defense or Danny Amendola. I don't want to drop any of my Tight ends because TE are important in this league 1.5 PPR.

Here are my RB's; David Johnson, D. Freeman(Hurt Knee), Peyton Barber, TJ Yeldon , Latavius Murray and Nyheim Hines

WR's: G. Tate, B. Cooks (LAR), R. Anderson, Tedd Ginn, Pierre Garcon, Danny Amendola

TE's : Eifert, OJ Howard and Mike Geisicki

Def: Chi, NE (Only need to have 1 except for bye week stream.

Is Phillip Lindsay an upgrade. Should I bid for him. If so, who should I drop.


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