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Would you rank Portis ahead of Barber from here to week 16 (1 Viewer)


Funny, lots of places I read have Portis ahead of Barber from here on out...even with Portis a little dinged.

I figured it was because of Barbers TOUGH schedule.

That was until I looked at Portis's schedule...technically speaking is is TOUHGER from here on out. Of course Barbers is THE toughest schedule of ALL RBs for weeks 15 and 16, but Portis's week 16 is against he eagles so their no slouches either.

Im curious what others think out there? I know that Felix is bound to come back and take some of Barbers work in the coming weeks, but again, they have ran portis HARD this yaer, so they may cycle guys in to help him a bit more as the weeks go by.

And obvisouly the Dal offense WILL be better then the Washington Offense from here on out...I just dont know how anyone could think otherwise (and I live in the DC area).

Anyone have any nuggets to add to this (internal) debate?


I like Portis if he is healthy. he has a better schedule than Barber. He looks like he has lost a step or two with the injury so we will see this week.

I don't like Barber's schedule and as you mentioned Jones will be coming back soon. Portis already put up some great numbers against Philly's defense so if I had my choice I would take Portis for the rest of the year (I certainly wouldn't be unhappy having Barber for the rest of the year though).


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