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WR/RB Need Some Help (1 Viewer)


We have PPR league for RBs, but not for WRs. Both WRs and RBs have to get at least 50 yards to score yardage outside of receptions for RBs (.5) and TDs. I need to select one of each of these.

WRs: Funchess or D Thomas

RBs: Cohen, Lindsay or Ekeler

I will happily answer yours if you leave a link. Thank you.



I like Funchess quite a bit more than Thomas. Better QB, and likely a better player at this point.

I'd go Lindsey this week. cards run D is non existent, and the Broncos likely won't fall behind early and become pass heavy this week.



D Thomas has been terrible.  I think he sits until/if something changes.  Funchess is the easy choice for WR.

RB is much harder.  I think I go with Lindsey.  I just have more confidence that he will get consistent touches.  Cohen seems to disappear sometimes (although maybe the coaches have learned over the past couple weeks) and although Ekeler has been solid every week his efficiency is so hard to trust.  He just doesn't get the ball enough. 


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