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Writing Well - Discuss (1 Viewer)

Mister CIA


Whatcha got?   My best skill is hitting the backspace key (you guys would not believe the #### I've nearly dropped on this forum!).  All tangents are on the table - style (especially emphasis and punctuation), sentence structure and symmetry, professional email correspondence, economy of words, vocabulary, message board posts and other social media posting, pronoun agreement, knowing your audience, etc. ... or as I like to say, Bob Loblaw.   

Hope to gain a lot here.  I dream of writing two excellent back-to-back paragraphs.

P.S. - I'm getting pretty darn good at double-spacing between sentences.

P.P.S - Spare me the Oxford comma debates; it belongs, unless there's an overriding compulsion. 

WTF comes after P.P.S?  P.P.P.S??!


Long Ball Larry

-think about what you are trying to accomplish with whatever you are writing

-white space and bullet points

-figure out how to orient your target at the beginning

-re-arrange what you have written after the fact.  sequencing and flow can play a key role in causing understanding.

-assume your target has no time and little context.  frame what you want or what you want the recipient to know from the jump.

i guess i did not ask what kind of writing you are asking about, but these things have helped me in my business career and also in things that i do personally.  my wife is a technical writer and after we started dating, i came to appreciate her e-mail style and realize that it was much better than...other people that i have known.

i also have found that as i have become busier and SOOO important, people who can set things up for me like the above are really helpful and valuable.  unfortunately, i have encountered very few people like this.  i think that one of the things that helped my career advancement was thinking about what people above me wanted, doing the thinking for them, coming to a conclusion, and concisely presenting it.  almost all the time, i could get whatever i wanted by doing this, because people just don't have the ####### time or capacity to wade through a bunch of nonsense to get to your point.  this would actually be the number one thing that i would tell to anyone starting a career.



Clarity should always trump style.

Stunk and White's ELEMENTS OF STYLE still is a great guidepost for the tenets of writing.
Yes, it is. I still use it for punctuation issues. It's down the hall, even if I don't understand it all. E.B. White was a gifted man taught by a gifted teacher.    


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