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WSJ: School Reopening Mess Over COVID19 Drives Frustrated Parents Toward GOP (4/12/22 06:23PST) (1 Viewer)


Direct Headline: School Reopening Mess Drives Frustrated Parents Toward GOP

‘So disillusioned’: Covid restrictions are weighing heavily for Democratic voters who say their party officials left mandates in place too long, with devastating consequences for their children...Democrat Jennifer Loughran ... decided that her opposition to her party’s mask orders, financial constraints and school closure policies had offset her support for climate change positions, abortions and rights. homosexuals, at least for the time being....Seeing her daughter left behind in the virtual kindergarten, Ms. Loughran was so frustrated, not knowing when her children would return to class, that she joined a group that attracted right-wing parents to push her to reopen the school. She was unhappy that Gov. Phil Murphy did not fight to reopen schools earlier and linked fellow Democrats to masked orders and restrictions...“All I know,” she said, “is that my party-based vote should no longer be taken for granted.”...These voters say Democratic officials have left restrictions on the pandemic for too long and mishandled the health crisis, with devastating consequences for their children, while Republicans have generally pushed to minimize school closures and keep the economy open.... in the Northeast, where the 30-point lead for Democrats in November had fallen to 20 points last month, according to a Journal poll. The drop is mainly due to independents, among whom the party’s 12-point advantage in the previous poll had evaporated. ..In the Virginia Gov.’s competition, Glenn Youngkin made parental involvement in schools a top issue and became the first Republican to win a seat in 12 years. His first major legislative act as governor was to terminate the state mandate in schools....Many described personal struggles to emphasize what they saw as the needs of their family or community above the party character....

By Michael C. Bender April 10, 2022 10:03 am ET



I've said this over and over again. If you create consistent and relentless threat points against people's children, they are not going to vote for you. And if you keep doing it, then you risk losing those people from supporting your Party forever.

Nearly all American parents are NOT going to pick their personal political tribalism over their children's safety, their future, their opportunity, their education, their physical health, their mental health and their general well being.

You can't lock down schools, create public policies that let criminals loose to hunt down innocent people and their kids, create financial policy that drives up the cost of food, essential needs and gasoline and spend the rest of the time lecturing America on "culture wars" and not lend the clear impression that your administration only sees the children of this country as nothing more than pure cannon fodder.

Personally I find Glenn Youngkin to be a complete and total idiot. He has zero leadership skills, zero understanding of real public policy, zero credibility and he's the kind of shiftless grifter type to nominate a "friend" to an open team in a fantasy football league so he can secretly run two teams and give himself some choice lopsided trades. But he won in Virginia because he simply wasn't seen as part of the bizarre inept cabal that created a constant threat point to the children in those local schools. Yes, I am a hard line Conservative criticizing a Republican. Big deal. If I think someone is an idiot, I'll call them an idiot. But it's a precursor of things to come in the coming elections.

How badly do you need to enrage parents to have a total zero like Youngkin steamroll your Party?

The massive losses with working class minority voters is going to be a brutal hit to the Democratic Party in the Mid Terms and the 2024 general cycle. But this issue with parents, particularly suburban women voters, and how helpless they were made to feel is just as toxic at the voting booth.

Even the Wall Street Journal, part of the activist complicit MSM that typically leans hard left, can't deny this anymore. 

Let me end with one last point - I'm retired now but my companies are still running and I've paid an ungodly sum in taxes across multiple states my entire life. Like many of you here, I paid into the tax base to support public schools. We all paid for these schools, with our blood, sweat, toil and labor so that collectively all children, mine and yours alike, could have a chance at real opportunity. We paid for it. We paid for the salaries of these elected officials in these Big Blue Cities to enact these inept and psychotic policies. So it's not just spitting on your children, it's spitting on your sacrifices, your effort, your will power, your duty to your families. Where is the return on that investment? Because without any ROI, what we are dealing with are just parasites.

I'll leave it here for others to discuss.

This was a fascinating read… love the fantasy football reference.  -Jen Loughran

Thanks for the timestamp.  

VIDEO: Mental health impact of COVID-19 lockdown on kids and teens Jul 8, 2020 CBS News

Kids have been cooped up for months due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the isolation is taking a toll. Psychologist and CBS News contributor Lisa Damour joins CBSN to discuss a report from the British charity Childhood Trust, which warns that children and teens are at risk of serious mental health consequences.


VIDEO: The pandemic is taking a toll on teens' mental health Dec 22, 2020 CBS News

The social isolation and remote learning that has come along with the coronavirus pandemic has taken an especially harsh toll on teenagers. Clinical psychologist and author Ramani Durvasula joins CBSN to explain what adolescents are going through and how parents can help.


Direct Headline: Youth suicide attempts soared during pandemic, CDC report says

Emergency room visits for adolescent suicide attempts soared this past summer and winter, especially among girls, perhaps in connection to America's struggle with Covid-19, new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data revealed Friday...There was a 22.3 percent spike in ER trips for potential suicides by children aged 12 to 17 in summer 2020 compared to 2019...That trend seemed to continue into this recently completed academic year as visits were up by 39.1 percent this winter, compared to the previous winter....

By David K. Li June 11, 2021, 9:45 AM PDT



The well being and safety of America's children is a big deal, especially given the past few years of chaos in this country. Many FBG members are also parents.

This is a huge election issue but also a huge social/cultural/day to day life issue.

Do you have anything of real substance on this topic to actually to contribute to this discussion?

Philadelphia going back to mask mandates for indoor venues starting April 18.  All my kids have to wear masks at school again.  

Philadelphia going back to mask mandates for indoor venues starting April 18.  All my kids have to wear masks at school again.  
When are parents going to stop this madness and how can they? Kids need oxygen and to see facial expressions. More child abuse in the schools. So much for land of the free. We aren’t even allowed to breath freely.

pinkham13 said:
When are parents going to stop this madness and how can they? Kids need oxygen and to see facial expressions. More child abuse in the schools. So much for land of the free. We aren’t even allowed to breath freely.

Not really sure what we can do.  


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