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WSL2 Rosters (1 Viewer)

BassNBrew - 6 hole:QBs- Roethlisberger, Batch: I'll catch hell from you guys, but QB is vastly over rate is this format. I won MBSL and had the second overall scoring team of 48 basically just carrying T. Green. People survive weeks w/o a QB all the time and with all the question marks on these teams, I'll likely not be the only one w/o a QB. Batch backups Big Ben just in case. What I lost in points from a second QB will be more then covered by my superiority elsewhere.RBs- S.Jackson, Bell, Barlow, M.Barber: SJax will be the man. If Bell matches what he did last year (solid #2 in this format), he'll exceed his draft position. Barlow was a wildcard and will put up points somewhere...hopefully Carolina. Barber proved he's on par with JJ who will get hurt anyway. I should have at least 2 primary starting RBs most of the year.WRs- C.Johnson, R.Brown, K.Johnson, S.Parker, McCareins, Berrian, A.Davis: Tickled to death with this crew. I got huge value with most of the picks and have guys that will post huge weeks.TEs- Crumpler, LJ.Smith: Best duo in the league.Ks- Rackers, Reed: Best kicker in the league and a guy that will make big hay when my QBs drives stall in the red zone.DSTs- Buffalo, Minnesota, St.Louis: No powerhouses, but 3 defenses that have a history of being wildly variable and posting the occasional huge week. The extra defense, upgrade in kicker, and 3 defenses will far surpass what I could have gotten by chasing question mark QBs. All of my players will be back with their team (except for Barlow). No rookies, no old guys (other then Meshawn), and a pile of players who could hit their stride this year. Basically a very safe team with lots of upside.
WOW my RBs and WRs are strong. LOL at Batch getting the nod in week 1.
Valence - 2 hole:

QBs- Brees, T.Green

RBs- Alexander, T.Jones, G.Jones, Staley, O.Smith

WRs- Harrison, Horn, Porter, Lloyd, Sinorice Moss, Northcutt, Welker

TEs- A.Smith, Franks

Ks- Nugent, Scobee

DSTs- Pitt, TampaBay

My RB crew has been decimated. Here's hoping for immunity week 5


Player Team BYE

QB Hasslebeck,Matt SEA 5

QB Smith,Alex SF 7

QB Leinart,Matt Ari 9

RB Brown,Ronnie MIA 8

RB Williams,DeAngelo CAR 9

RB Duckett,T.J. WAS 8

RB Shelton,Eric CAR 9

RB Williams,Shaud BUF 8

WR Mason,Derrick BAL 7

WR Bryant,Antonio SF 7

WR Jenkins,Michael ATL 5

WR Caldwell,Reche NE 6

WR Colbert,Keary CAR 9

WR McDonald,Shaun STL 7

TE McMichael,Randy MIA 8

TE Miller,Heath PIT 4

K Akers,David PHI 9

K Peterson,Todd #N/A

DEF Oakland OAK 3

DEF Houston HOU 5

Looks like I survived the final roster cuts in good shape. I am probably doomed due to my severe reach of DeAngelo, but hopefully my WRs can help cover for me.

Ravnzfan - 3 hole:

QBs- Plummer(4), Frerotte, Holcomb(8), Losman(8)

RBs- L.Johnson(3), F.Taylor(6), K.Faulk(6), Fisher(6)

WRs- Santana Moss(8), Walker(6), Curtis(7), McCardell,(3) Henderson(7)

TEs- Cooley(8), Wilcox(7)

Ks- Stover(7), Lindell(8), Bryant(4)

DSTs- Indy(6), Baltimore(7)

IMO, one of the best teams here.  QBs very solid with Plummer and Buffalo QB wrapped up.  RB1-2 good, although probably should have drafted at least 1 of the backups to Taylor.   WRs awesome.  TE awesome.  An elite TE in this scoring can make up for the deficiency in some other position.  Not sure I understand the Wilcox pick, however.
dodged a huge bullett w/6 teams on bye weeks 6 and 7...if I make it that far, my squad can handle those weeks where others will be holding their collective breaths...assuming of course Larry Johnson is healthy, as the rest of my RB's are on bye week 6

if Johnson goes down, there is little hope for this team, whose success is squarely centered on his shoulders
3-52-1, for 17 points week 1not bad for a round 20 guy, eh Frank?

Faulk had but 1 grab, but did register a 10 point effort as he found the endzone

w/strong efforts by both LJ and Freddie (19/23), plus a ridiculus effort by the Raven-D (25), we sneak thru week1 w/an awful QB situation just waiting to bite me in the ###

W/Plummer-Walker combo, I could be history quick if this doesn't get foxed in a hurry in Den

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