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WWYD...James Robinson / 2022 2nd for Zeke? (1 Viewer)


In a 12-team, PPR, dynasty league.

Starters: QB/RB/WR/TE/3 Flex/Def/K

Was offered James Robinson and a 2022 2nd for Zeke.  I am ready to cash out on Zeke, as I think he maybe has one more good season left before we start seeing that sharp decline in RB's of his workload.  However, I am not keen on this offer.  James Robinson is good, but JAX looks so bad, I don't think Robinson ever has a chance to succeed this season.  Etienne comes back next year and Robinson's role probably decreases even more.  

The draft pick will most likely be a high one judging from his roster.  But they do a lottery for the bottom 6 teams, so the pick could be in any range from #13 to #18 overall.

I may have just answered the question myself, but wanted to get some other opinions or counter offers I could propose.  Thanks guys.


My team --

QB - Watson, Winston, Heineke

RB - Elliott, Harris, Sanders, Ja Williams, Dillon

WR - Diggs, Lamb, Godwin, Dio Johnson, Mike Williams, R. Moore, Osborn

TE - Andrews, Tonyan

His Squad --

QB - Burrow, Darnold

RB - Barber, M. Carter, Etienne, Robinson, Swift

WR - Green, Mooney, Pascal, Shepard, Toney, Watkins

TE - Freiermuth, Gronk, Hooper, Schultz



I would counter asking for Robinson and a 1st.  I would do that but I wouldn't do it for a 2nd.   But I am a fan of Robinson and think he is good and that ETN won't kill his value next year.  


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