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Joseph Addai

(Ind - RB)

Marion Barber

(Dal - RB)

Plaxico Burress

(NYG - WR)

Reggie Bush

(NO - RB)

Braylon Edwards

(Cle - WR)

Larry Fitzgerald

(Ari - WR)

Antonio Gates

(SD - TE)

Frank Gore

(SF - RB)

Ryan Grant

(GB - RB)

Torry Holt

(StL - WR)

T.J. Houshmandzadeh

(Cin - WR)

Steven Jackson

(StL - RB)

Brandon Jacobs

(NYG - RB)

Andre Johnson

(Hou - WR)

Larry Johnson

(KC - RB)

Maurice Jones-Drew

(Jac - RB)

Jamal Lewis

(Cle - RB)

Marshawn Lynch

(Buf - RB)

Peyton Manning

(Ind - QB)

Darren McFadden

(Oak - RB)

Randy Moss

(NE - WR)

Terrell Owens

(Dal - WR)

Willie Parker

(Pit - RB)

Adrian Peterson

(Min - RB)

Clinton Portis

(Was - RB)

Tony Romo

(Dal - QB)

Steve Smith

(Car - WR)

LaDainian Tomlinson

(SD - RB)

Michael Turner

(Atl - RB)

Reggie Wayne

(Ind - WR)

Brian Westbrook

(Phi - RB)

Jason Witten

(Dal - TE)

Stupid question, but why isn't Tom Brady on that list and Darren McFadden (who hadn't played a down in the NFL) is? I figured a 50 TD season would guarantee a spot on the CAN'T CUT list.


Yeah, I am wondering why.........

I'm not a commish on Yahoo so I'm not sure that the lists can be changed........obviously it has been though. My 2 leagues on Yahoo still have him as "can't cut".


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