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Yogi's Projected Road to Super Bowl LV (1 Viewer)


Well, seeing as how we are only 1 month away from the start of the NFL season, (assuming there is one), I thought I might enlighten everyone with my predictions for this year and this year's NFL playoffs.


Division Winners

NFC South: Saints (12-4)

NFC West: 49ers (11-5)

NFC East: Eagles (11-5)

NFC North: Packers (9-7)

Wild Card

Rams: (10-6)

Cowboys: (10-6)

Falcons: (10-6)

Teams on outside looking in

Buccaneers: (9-7)

Vikings: (8-8)

Seahawks: (8-8)

Wild Card Playoffs

Packers over Rams; Eagles over Cowboys; 49ers over Falcons

Divisional Playoffs

49ers over Eagles; Saints over Packers

NFC Championship

Saints over 49ers


Division Winners

AFC West: Chiefs (12-4)

AFC North: Ravens (11-5)

AFC East: Patriots (11-5)

AFC South: Colts (10-6)

Wild Card

Bills: (10-6)

Titans: (9-7)

Steelers: (9-7)

Teams on outside looking in

Raiders: (9-7)

Browns: (9-7)

Chargers: (8-8)

Wild Card Playoffs

Colts over Bills; Patriots over Titans; Ravens over Steelers

Divisional Playoffs

Ravens over Patriots; Chiefs over Colts

AFC Championship

Chiefs over Ravens

Super Bowl LV 

Saints 27, Chiefs 22

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