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Projected Road to Super Bowl LVIII (1 Viewer)


Well, I've come up with the perfect NFL playoff picture for this year, and here it is:


East: Eagles (13 Wins)

North: Packers (10 Wins)

South: Panthers (9 Wins)

West: Seahawks (12 Wins)

Wild Card

49ers (11 Wins)

Cowboys (10 Wins)

Lions (9 Wins)


East: Bills (11 Wins)

North: Bengals (14 Wins)

South: Jaguars (12 Wins)

West: Chiefs (14 Wins)

Wild Card

Dolphins (11 Wins)

Jets (11 Wins)

Ravens (11 Wins)

Outside looking in

Chargers (10 Wins)

Steelers (10 Wins)

Wild Card Playoffs

NFC: Panthers over 49ers, Packers over Cowboys, Seahawks over Lions

AFC: Bills over Dolphins, Jaguars over Jets, Bengals over Ravens

Divisional Playoffs

NFC: Seahawks over Packers, Eagles over Panthers

AFC: Bengals over Jaguars, Chiefs over Bills

Conference Championships

NFC: Eagles over Seahawks

AFC: Chiefs over Bengals

Super Bowl LVIII

Chiefs over Eagles

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