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Most famous actor who was a rock star

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I had this conversation with some people today and am still a little mystified. The transition from rap/hip hop star to actor is quite common: Will Smith, Queen Latifah, Marky Mark, Ice Cube, even (to a point) L.L. Cool J., Tupac and Eminem.

For rock stars, acting hasn't gone as well. Sure, Sting did some movies. So did David Bowie. But this was long ago. When I asked others, Henry Rollins was mentioned but surely he is not as well known as the rap/hip hop guys.

Am I missing someone? And, more interestingly to me, why is there such a difference?

Edit to add: I really what to focus on recent history. If you go out 30 to 40 years you can include Elvis, the Beatles, etc. But in the last 20 years or so we basically have nobody.

The rock stars aren't as big as the hip-hop stars now. Hip-hop stars are the famous ones now. And that's where the crossover comes from.

Plus, hip-hop culture is such that getting paid is a good thing. Unlike in rock, where 'sellout' is a frequently squawked mantra by rock dweebs I'd like to beat up.

That, and the fact that most of the hip-hop guys aren't really musicians to start.

I think most hip-hop artists got into it to escape the hood. Well, the successful ones anyway. And I think they are a lot more motivated by money. Rock musicians? Girls. Band geeks that got their ### beat in high school, and started a band to get laid. Massive generalizations on both sides, of course.

But I still think it's about fame. Which rock stars that have arrived in the last 20 years have been as famous as any of the rap stars mentioned above? Dave Matthews? He's done some acting.

Ah, how about Chris Isaak?

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