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HELLO FROM REHAB!!!!   Not sure if anything's been shared but Sunday dinner at my parents' a couple weeks ago was in fact an elaborate ruse to stage an intervention.  Actually it wasn't very

Everybody take a minute tonight (or today) to raise a glass to HeckDad.  My sister just called to tell me that he passed away at home.  Don't have details other than he fell, but he was 94 with a bad

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On 9/16/2016 at 11:23 AM, Leeroy Jenkins said:

I am in Austin for a conference in two weeks for a couple of days. I have the afternoon free on the day I arrive before having to get ready for a dinner etc. 

What should I do/see/eat in that few hour window?

What day?

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11 hours ago, bentley said:

It should have never come to a public vote. Council adopted a stupid policy to benefit the cab companies. The public overwhelmingly brought a petition forward to overturn the action, then city staff twisted the language of the petition when they put it on the ballot, to benefit the cab companies. Then, the city's biggest business organization sat on the sidelines during the election to benefit the cab companies. Uber shot itself in the foot with the money they spent, but this was a victory for taxi cabs, not for the citizen or tourist that wants choice when getting around town safely.

Are cab drives required to be fingerprinted?  If so, Uber should have known they would need to comply with local laws already set.  But if not, then yea, this is ####ing stupid.

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Don't really care if a taxi driver or Uber driver is fingerprinted.  I'm guessing they run background checks before hiring.  Do know who I want fingerprinted?  Anyone that works in a restaurant of any kind. If you wanted to hurt people or just be an #######, much easier to poison food. 

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1 hour ago, Leeroy Jenkins said:

26-28. Land at noon monday and have until 5 without obligatioms. Although now there is a chance I have to go look at a property. 

I'll be there.  Bentley> fire up the cornhole

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