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I made this trade, would you have done this? PPR



Big Money League

PPR and bonus points for long TD scores.  

Before this weekends games I traded:

Newton and Foster 


Eli and Le'Veon Bell 


My Team before (Skill Players): Newton, CJ Anderson, McCoy, Foster, JStew, TY Hilton, Jarvis Landry, Emmanuel Sanders, Willie Snead.

My Team after (Skill Players): Eli, CJ Anderson, Le'Veon Bell, McCoy,  JStew, TY Hilton, Jarvis Landry, Emmanuel Sanders, Willie Snead. 

Before this weekend, I looked at this trade as a short term loss for long term gain.  I typically use Trade Dominator (TD) and consult this forum before a trade but TD is not up yet and I was short on time to execute the trade.  Would you have done this?  I will be glad to help you back, just hit me with the link.  







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Considering Foster´s injury, in hindsight I ld say yes, but had you asked before the weekend, probably not.

I believe that Foster is serviceable and Cam will put up considerably more points than Eli (mainly because of his running ability and goal line carries/sneaks). (tbh I never thought I ld say that! In real life I m not a fan of any of the 2).

You do look smart now that LeVeon is set to return and Foster out with an injury - gotta give you that ;)


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I would've made that move. I think Foster was a risk waiting to happen with his health. The same can be said for Bell when he's on the field but he's a game changer week to week, much like Newton is. I think you will great more great weeks than not with Eli with a great schedule and 3 great receivers right now. They are going to continue to throw often although you would like for their defense to not be playing as well either. Nice trade!

Here's mine: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/748170-not-thrilled-about-rb-situation-do-i-make-any-moves/

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