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Week 5 injury thread

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10 hours ago, Stompin' Tom Connors said:

Anything at all in terms of injury with the following players, or did their teams just simply and utterly fade them:

Amari Cooper - 1 target, 1 reception, 10 yards. Someone in a thread mentioned a potential foot injury? Most were citing Carr simply not looking his way.

Doug Baldwin - 1 target, 1 reception, 1 yard. His second game back from injury, did he re-injure either of his bum knees? A whole leg fall off? Just a flesh wound, I'm sure....

Alshon Jeffrey - 8 targets, 2 receptions, 39 yards. I know it was the Ertz show this game, but seems like Alshon had opportunities, but that's horrendous production for the number of targets. I have to think it was due to injury, otherwise I'd seriously start question whether this guy can be depended upon in an offense that just seems off this year.

I'm pretty sure that Baldwin was playing the expected number of downs, the flow of the game simply didn't include him.

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3 hours ago, dcgangstas said:

He dislocated his shoulder during the game, but it popped back into the socket.   

Peterson said he's fine in the postgame interview.  

per rotoworld they're doing an MRI today. 

He played well after the injury, but team decided to keep him out. Smart - I've dislocated my shoulder - it is not a pleasant experience. Feels much better after it's back in, but there could be labrum or rotator cuff damage. I'm sure that's what they're scanning for. 

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Anyone remember all the grief Fred Taylor took for being “fragile”? “Fragile Fred” played through so many injuries & IIRC had one really bad injury shortened season, with several other very productive ones. Sure he missed a game or 2 here and there - most RBs do.

But looking at Rotoworld uodates, seeing guys like Davonte Freeman, Sony Michele, Gio Bernard, etc, etc, etc and feel like it’s laughable that we considered Taylor such an injury prone dude. 

I can’t help but marvel at how just 10-15 years ago there were so many iron man RBs to the point that the fantasy community would ridicule a dude for getting a little dinged up. 

Tbh I kinda miss those days. The game has definitely changed. I just wonder why seemingly so many more players miss time to injury these days. 

Back in the day if the injury description didn’t start with [broken] or [torn], it’s a good bet that player would be listed as probable & suit up the next week. 


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