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Week 14 Injury Thread (1 Viewer)

Maurile Tremblay

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If you see something, say something.

Here are some noteworthy fantasy players listed as questionable or doubtful heading into Week 14:

Sun 1:00 pm - Adam Thielen [D] - WR, MIN - OUT
Sun 1:00 pm - Dante Pettis [Q] - WR, SF - OUT
Sun 1:00 pm - Demaryius Thomas [Q] - WR, NYJ - Active
Sun 1:00 pm - Marquise Brown [Q] - WR, BAL - Active
Sun 1:00 pm - Marquise Goodwin [Q] - WR, SF - OUT
Sun 1:00 pm - Ryan Griffin [Q] - TE, NYJ - Active
Sun 1:00 pm - Will Fuller V [Q] - WR, HOU - OUT

Sun 4:25 pm - Josh Jacobs [Q] - RB, OAK
Sun 4:25 pm - Julian Edelman [Q] - WR, NE
Sun 4:25 pm - Mohamed Sanu [Q] - WR, NE

MNF - Jordan Howard [Q] - RB, PHI
MNF - Nelson Agholor [Q] - WR, PHI

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Evans clutching his hamstring after a 61yd TD.

edit: heading to the locker room.

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D Parker to the blue tent.  Shaken up on the tackle as his head hit the ground. He got up immediately and was shaking his head as if shaking off the proverbial cobwebs.

Haskins limping badly due to an ankle, wouldn't be surprised to see him replaced with Keenum after the half (for you McLaurin owners out there)

Winston not out for 2nd half.  Not sure what's up.

edit: went back into locker room after warming up/during Colts opening drive.   Ryan Griffin is in.  Winston is throwing on the sidelines.

Edit2: right hand injury - questionable to return.

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Guice out. Droppable. Hate it for him. He's shown promise, just too brittle.

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Guice gets an MRI tomorrow; extent of injury not currently know.

Ryan Kerrigan (Redskin OLB) gets an MRI tomorrow; came out of the game with either a calf or Achilles injury.

Derrick Henry jogging to the locker room with 2:00 left and Raiders have the ball. Maybe just getting some testing in early. I hope he comes back, I need 5 more pts from him in DFS to win $100 on a quarter play.  :sadbanana:

Back in.

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