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Drop OJ Howard for Hock or Waller? Am I crazy?

Should I make this move at TE?  

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Small league.  10 team PPR with short benches.  Start QB/2RB/2WR/TE/Flex(RB,WR,TE)/D.  Only 5 bench spots.

I'm have Andrews (who looks to be a more reliable target than OJ Howard) and OJ Howard at TE while Hock and Waller as on the wire

I know, I know... don't overreact to week 1 but, as a wise man said, react.

My rationalization to do this:
1. Hock and Waller will have consistent targets.  They are both clearly a significant part of the offense.
2. Winston's offensive line is weak which may force Howard to stay into to block more.  Plus Winston just doesn't look like a very good QB.

I don't want to throw away all the pre-season rankings after just one week and OJ Howard was ranked high for a reason, but I don't want to hold onto pre-season rankings now that things may have changed under live fire and miss my opportunity.

Am I crazy?  Would love to hear your thoughts! 👊

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I never had OJ Howard as a player to target.  Arians doesn't seem to be a TE guy so I was not on board with Howard being so high.  The fact the Hock & Waller (sounds like a good team name) seem to be focal points of the offense while Howard will never be is reason enough to pull the trigger on the move.  I would have no issue doing so but I would try and move Howard for help elsewhere first. 

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