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Titans at Chiefs AFCCG game thread

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Prior to mahomes the air raid had produced zero franchise QBs. In fact prior to mahomes the big xii had produced zero franchise QBs. It's dumb in hindsight but mahomes was basically playing in the are

Guy at the end goes for the ball instead of the tackle. Hate that.

Bill O'Brien says a fake punt is the move here.

4th and go territory twice here if needed.

Go for seven. 

eta* They're on the five with a potential for field goals twice when I typed that. I think it's a valid comment. Go for it if it gets to that situation. :shrug:

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3 minutes ago, Arodin said:

Everyone who had "Dennis Kelly" in the subscriber contest dancing for joy right now!

What's that?  He wasn't an option?  TRAVISHAMAMOCKERY!!!

I had a lot of Titans

But got booted last week

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1 minute ago, Cjw_55106 said:

Are you saying Vrabel is going to bypass on the opportunity to let a Hall of Fame running back score a TD in the Super Bowl in favor of this guy?

Like '86, whatever works.

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