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1 hour ago, LoneWolf said:

That was rough. Carr wrecked my lineups; Cook burned me.  Projected 41 points only got 9.5. Otherwise, my choices were good.  SMH:shrug:

I had Henry, Chubb, Landry, but way too much Carr. He'll singlehandedly sink almost every lineup that would have cashed. 

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on FD I had ~50 Mahomes, Hill, Kelce lineups (0.05) running them all back with a TB WR (and sometimes Gronk).  Also had a variety of other QB stacks... A good bit of J. Jefferson, too much Cook, not enough Henry.

FD ~4 in ~12 out.  I've been more successful this year doing multi-entries when I've focused on a few QB/game stacks rather than trying to cover too many bases.  Seems obvious in hindsight  🤷‍♂️


on DK I had 3 lineups in the milly maker -- 2 Mahomes, Hill, Kelce, AB runback (unfortunately), one with Cook :puke: one with Jefferson.  I had a Brady, Evans, Gronk, Hill, Kelce lineup in a $1 entry for fun and it was my best lineup :lol: 

DK 34 in and 42 out.

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I cashed in on the 5 different contests I entered last night so it almost got me to even for the weekend...almost. That garbage time TD had the opposite effect for me but good on ya for making a little off of it Nate :thumbup:

Starting to get a feel for this stuff. I like the single game entries, especially with teams I'm familiar with. Still playing the nickel slots but also seeing some upside to the rosters I'm putting together based on discussions here, COVID forcing cheaper players to the forefront and some Kentucky windage. I was close in a few contests Sunday but it's always that last flex player or the 3rd WR that seems to get me. Fun of the game!

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