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  1. Just remember who used the words “dug in” today.
  2. Biggest revelation since I realized narwhals are actual creatures last year. If you didn’t know that, you’re welcome.
  3. Wish I could say that’s a typo. I thought it was mustard.
  4. Simply not true. Watch this answer by Fauci as the definitive point of view on this subject. In the case of the study referenced in the video, it was not randomized placebo controlled and Hydroxychloriquine was given in combination with a class of steroids that has been shown in randomized trials to reduce deaths. For some reason, Republicans are the ones who dug in around this drug and keep trying again and again to justify their assertions that it’s effective. As Fauci said, when the data shows it’s effective in properly controlled trials, and it’s more effective with fewer risks than other drugs, then it should be used. Don’t know why it’s so hard to understand that most aren’t looking for reasons not to use the drug. It simply hasn’t passed the scientific muster. And it has been strange that Republicans consistently look to retroactively justify their rash rush to label it a shield and somehow rationalize their criminally negligent understanding and response to the scientific realities that killed so many unnecessary. To those still doing this, it’s fair to say... you were wrong, it led to death and economic loss, stop the flawed thinking and rely on science for what therapies are actually effective. In the meantime, act by adopting best practices that have shown scientific effectiveness at controlling the virus. It is not an anti-HCQ cohort “dug in” that’s causing people to die. Those who dug in around it DID!
  5. This bothers me, since it doesn’t recognize that one of the most powerful men on the planet is using that power to his greatest ability to cheat. He’s doing it in the open. It’s hubris to expect that his full effort won’t be successful. Yes, he’s losing and should lose. Without oversight, he may just succeed in rigging the vote. GOP will either be complicit or participate in the rigging. They’ve consistently shown they care about power far more than laws, norms, or the Constitution. Assuming their efforts will not be effective is perhaps naive. I hate encouraging people to risk health to vote when the alternative should be safe, but even if COVID numbers look bleak, I would encourage people to go to the polls while taking strict precautions.
  6. Ordering a face shield on top of N95 mask and goggles, and will trade off with wife to go to polls during early voting here in Texas. Very angry about this. Trump is forcing us to go into a gathering because he cheats at life, defiles the Constitution, and is a criminal. Unfortunately, I don’t feel we can trust voting by mail. Not because it’s being manipulated by Democrats, but because Trump is manipulating our infrastructure expressly so votes from Democratic zip codes aren’t counted. Like other fascists before him, he accuses others of what’s he actively does. It’s like we’ve woken up in a banana republic and people seem to be just fine with that.
  7. I fear the reason it’s not the top agenda item nationally is in fact bi-partisan. I think leaders in both parties are worried about looking too deep, because the truth is the exposure runs deep on both sides. I think also that many politicians are worried about throwing stones from glass houses and having skeletons of their own in play. Moments like these are why the rich do oppo research.
  8. This entire Epstein fiasco, from when it became publicly known how extensive the corruption was in Florida related to the plea deal, to now, is so shocking. If the justice system in this country were at all functioning, there would be a mechanism for this entire case to be fast tracked with full public transparency. Otherwise, it naturally lends to conspiracy theories. It seems awfully likely that Dershowitz, Prince Andrew, Clinton, and several others committed rape and should face charges. But it’s also likely this goes far, far deeper and that Epstein was running a sophisticated blackmail scheme for years. Or was he running it? Let’s imagine Putin were. Yes, let’s imagine Epstein was a Kremlin agent, operating in the highest spheres of NY power. What if it’s not “pee pee tapes” that Putin has on Trump. What if it’s tapes of sex with underaged girls? Unlikely? Hardly. Trump was credibly accused as such in a sworn deposition by a woman who was 13 at the time. Dershowitz and Acosta appear to have been compelled to work for Trump after deeply corrupt acts. Thing not only wreaks, but has massive national security implications. Its known that Epstein ran the sex ring, for years. These girls weren’t cheap, and in fact the massively lucrative business model seems to have been fueled by far more than prostitution itself. Someone did the raping for all those years, and it was more than just whose named in these documents. Where was the source of the river for this operation? Was it Epstein? Or was he merely an operative for someone STILL controlling the leverage for all of this? We need an independent, enabled special prosecution in place (assuming that’s not happening already in the anti-corruption unit of SDNY.) What I just wrote seems like a spy thriller, but mysterious suicides after visits from AG, judges’ families murdered, corrupt plea agreements, a strange cabinet appointment, royals, presidents... I don’t know if the public can have trust in this nation until the lid is fully ripped off, all are punished, and remaining sources of leverage are exposed and mitigated.
  9. Now let’s ask why Dershowitz felt so compelled to cover for Trump with often incredulous defenses. And how Acosta ended up in the cabinet. Not hard to discern that the answer is blackmail and bribery, and all roads lead to someone supporting Trump with said blackmail.
  10. Herman Cain died of coronavirus, after contracting it within a couple weeks of the Tulsa rally, where he attended without a mask. It’s within the incubation window. Whether he got it there or elsewhere, the intent to lead by example with soldiering on without a mask has proven deadly. Tragic, and unnecessary.
  11. Answer is clear, and realistic. But requires action, and leadership to push compliance. 100% mask use within 6 feet, with enforcement Free testing, ubiquitous Contact tracing, rigorous and electronic, in partnership with big tech and Telcos Enforced quarantine of those with contact Immediate isolation of anyone testing positive, including from family That would do it. But we’re not doing it.
  12. Inexcusable. Unforgivable. In the US, this is the Trump Virus. GDP contracted last quarter by 1/3. Majority of that is on him, as are the majority of deaths. Compare it to 911. You can point to failures to prevent the threat, but let’s excuse that. Some really bad people committed terrible acts that for for most were unthinkable. Imagine if Bush stubbornly refused to improve security, and 100 more planes crashed into hundreds more buildings, one per day. That’s seriously the equivalent of what we’re dealing with, and just partly why Trump is such an historically bad President.
  13. Also without being political, most people don’t have an intuition for exponentials. Several technologies are becoming so insanely powerful with each doubling, and those occur every few years, that their effects in each iteration are world changing. Some of these technologies like quantum and Blockchain as still nascent, while 5G and Edge Computing coupled with Internet of Things and robotics are in their infancy, but will mature this decade. The impact of all of this, and the edge that will go to the countries that lead innovation, is profound. Societally, we can’t keep up with the pace now, and social mobile media alone has changed the way we communicate and process information and hard wired into our brains. It will be more important than ever for our government to contemplate and enact policy at a faster pace than we are prepared for now, and that pace will increase markedly soon. If we don’t keep up, it will be surprising how quickly we fall behind and how many people suffer in an anachronistic system.
  14. Look no further than the GOP congressmen who refused to wear masks in yesterday’s hearing, and mocked Nadler for asking them to. Gohmert tested positive, and had an arm’s length conversation with Barr when both had no masks. Certain GOP congressmen have for years been saying one thing when the truth was otherwise. Interesting to see a case when the empirical nature of a virus makes it impossible to spin this fact. Usually they hide behind ambiguity. Here they can’t. also, here is what Biden would have done differently (unlike shameful, conspiracy brewing GOP