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  1. Learned today that Trump Admin eased restrictions on asbestos. The town of Asbest, Russia is thriving. We imported tons of it last year. So yeah - nothing surprises me until Trump is long gone.
  2. Any values shining through. Granted, this is a textbook example of confirmation bias, but watched the Mr. Rogers documentary yesterday. He was an odd (but wonderful) duck, who I equate to a pure distillation of Christian values. When stripped bare, they are uncomfortably simple and do make us squirm, because there’s a vulnerability to pure naked good, born from a truth that we should operate always under a baseline of compassion, empathy and as servants to the other and greater good. What happened near the end of Fred Roger’s life? He essentially got Trumped by the right wing media for “making everyone feel special” and breeding a generation of whimps. So basically genuine unabashed values were rejected in favor of some hyper-competitive, appropriated version of Darwian and class-led Christianity in its place. The point is the right is so far off center from real Christian values, or any values, It’s sick. And insanely, the right wing media bubble makes this seem totally normal to anyone inside of it. Maybe the good news is that many of those outside of it have reaffirmed that those values do exist and are seeking community and leadership to restore them.
  3. Why don’t our politicians simply uphold their constitutional responsibility and do what’s right, and let the chips fall where they may...?
  4. The logic of, “I am completely innocent, however I am threatened to the degree that this is the ‘worst thing that ever happened to me,’ because I am being investigated,” is not a logical position by a sane human. Then again, the rules of what’s rational or even legal seem to get perpetually rewritten for Trump because he’s unstable. But the logic doesn’t hold. “I’m ####ed” is not that rational position of one who is indeed innocent. That person would cooperate to accelerate said findings of innocence.
  5. Consciousness of guilt. Your argument is that “I’m ####ed” means nothing will get done in his term while being investigated, when he clearly stated his Presidency would end as a result. It’s an unreasonable interpretation that this reaction is in reaction to an investigation in which he knows he’s innocent.
  6. Collusion isn’t a thing. At best, the campaign knowingly disseminated hacked data and shared polling data via intermediaries with the Russian state. The campaign expected to gain electorally and magically the Russians targeted the rust belt voters the data said needed to be turned. Oh, and Trump knew. On top of the myriad other stuff he was withholding. That provides different context for Obstruction.
  7. The previous examples of Special Counsel investigations uncovered wrongdoing. Watergate unconverted Nixon’s role. Starr uncovered Clinton’s affair and request if her to lie to investigators. The mere presence of a Special Counsel in and of itself is not the threat. It’s that they uncover the truth, and he knew he was lying about material facts, some of which we know about and others we don’t - in part because Mueller said the investigation was materially hampered by obstruction (campaigners lying, and deleting communications, in addition to Trump’s own actions). At minimum he knew his campaign was disseminating hacked information to gain electorally, and he was obscuring the Trump Tower deal. It’s also likely there is much more he knew about, including Manafort sharing polling data with the Russian government via Kilimnik and Deripaska (whom he recently rewarded by removing his sanctions). You can pretend this President deserves to be in office after all of this, but what’s known doesn’t deserve the benefit of any doubts. To assume his actions in benefit of Russia are divorced is absurd. To assume Russia wasn’t working behind the scenes to target Americans with disinfo based on Trump’s polling data is equally so. It’s a giant pass to assume the campaign wasn’t more than complicit, which we now know they most certainly were.
  8. It is. The question is by whom. I hope the answer is Congress, not a lapdog AG. Though he looks more like Droopy Dog.
  9. Right. And that precedent should not serve as a fig leaf to cover for intent to interfere with an election. I fear it is being used as that.
  10. There is a line where he's talking to Gates and says there are more Wikileaks releases coming. He knew, and expected to benefit electorally. In light of that foreknowledge, it makes it hard to conclude that his "I'm ####ed" comment isn't consciousness of guilt. It's also a stretch to think policy changes weren't a quid pro quo for assistance and/or to promote the Trump Tower Moscow deal that he lied overtly about. Impeach.
  11. Intermittently checking Twitter while trying to work. Probably nothing novel here, but my initial thoughts: Now clear why Barr had Assange charged, and how. Setting up legal precedent/defense that knowingly publishing hacked materials despite intent is a okay. You have to hack to be a criminal, under that presumption. In this action, Barr was already working for the President to set up a defense of the indefensible before the report was released. (I'm sure he was working on the charges under full knowledge that the campaign had disseminated hacked info). A sound legal argument could be made that if one conspires with illegal intent to disseminate hacked information, it IS ILLEGAL It was established that Trump had foreknowledge of Wikileaks releases, and consciousness of guilt ("I'm ####ed," upon learning of Special Counsel). His campaign conspired to disseminate hacked materials, WHILE expecting to gain electorally They did gain electorally, as a result of said conspiracy that Trump had foreknowledge about The redacted sections clearly contain damning details that support the above Obstruction was apparent and in the open, and can be assumed because it is now demonstrated that Trump had foreknowledge Based on the above, and what is ALREADY KNOWN, IMPEACH!!!!!!
  12. Tell me more about this mold problem in the Native Americans’ homes!