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  1. In 2015, I got it. I understood the many millions in rural America that felt disenfranchised. I get this, too. It’s far more people feeling left out. Only these people feel desperate and threatened. In absence of leadership, people act out.
  2. He is sewing further division. Check his Twitter feed.
  3. I get it. In your world, a go to is whataboutism. Buckle in. I’m not representative of the people on the edge revolt. I fear this is the beginning of a movement of tens and tens of millions tired of living hand to mouth and being insulted by ridicule. It’s a dangerous reaction to the very things Trump has seized to consolidate power in his base. Hey, now look at the side effects outside of it.
  4. He’s not leading. Tens of millions have felt a growing sense that government and markets don’t give a #### about them. Now in an election year, he is showing with words and deeds that he does not give a single #### at all. Not one.
  5. I’m not at all sympathetic of mobs or looters, and I don’t expect you to be empathetic. Best I can do is to try to describe what that’d like, to be empathetic. If you felt you had no path to inclusion, and your prospects looked bleak, and you were signed out by politicians for attack and marginalization, you might be pretty put out, especially in light of rapid economic changes.
  6. Trump tweeting and blaming democrat mayor of Minneapolis. Trump should resign.
  7. Bull####!!!!! Had an SoCal fire ever had to do with Santa Anna winds?
  8. When right wing media sought to make the liberal the enemy within, it began a road to this moment. Now what? Roll tanks on our own cities?
  9. The point is when government doesn’t care about you or represent you, you look for something else, and it isn’t pretty. I am not condoning nor do I understand the sentiment. But buckle in.
  10. Whether Trump is a symptom or a disease has been a legit debate. I think he’s Cancer itself.
  11. Since early March, I’ve worried that eventually the desperate wouldn’t be confined to their neighborhoods. This wasn’t an expected flashpoint, but I am not surprised that there is one. And I worry it may be the beginning of a movement that isn’t conveniently boxed.