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  1. I watched from a hotel bar in CA. Thought people were going to run out and but guns, just so they could shoot the TV.
  2. Thing is, it's apparent that Mills ordered destruction of evidence and most probably it was on Hillary's orders. At this point, Wikileaks could leak video of it and any mainstream coverage or action by government would be pushed past the election. This is over baring her going #### up. What sucks is that the legitimate debate points, like, "Do we want America's corrupt Corpacracy business model to expand globally?" and, "Do we care that laws are applied selectively and with ground cover from state agencies?" are washed away by legitimate concerns about a candidate with a .44 who likes to wave it around and can't shoot straight.
  3. I feel so much better today overall because I'm okay with any outcome. Least favored: Trump wins. Would suck but may spark substantial change to establishment politics even as we ride a horrible tempest. Favored: Hillary wins and Congressional investigations smoke out that truth of the emails and cover-ups, she gets impeached and Kaine takes over. Most favored:. Same as #1 only key staff (Mills particularly) are held responsible and fired from the administration with rebuke and Hillary remains in office but heavily scrutinized and largely untrusted enough to prevent major shift towards globalism until she's 4 and out.
  4. One of my few real quibbles with her as she remained calm though that Trump madness storm was when she was calling for more profit sharing. I wasn't sure where she was going by that. Was she proposing legislating it? I'm all for it in businesses that want to provide that incentive and think it's in their best interest to do so, but that felt in that region between imperialist overlord and expert panderer.
  5. I cannot complement her enough for her performance last night. It was damn near flawless. Not just in contrast to Trump. Whomever advised and prepared her deserve kudos as well. All of the strengths, not a sign of the weaknesses. A couple of times she was sort of petrified when she was exposed (TPP and emails) an expecting a bear claw that didn't come. Those were missed chances to say something cogent by Donald that would have sparked substantial debate on facts, but whether she got lucky or not that he wasn't prepared, she was incredibly good and deserves way more consensus than she is even getting.
  6. Trump cooked. Came off as a kook. That's not what surprised me... I expected that in a 90 minute homework review. What I didn't expect is how in control, poised and frankly Presidential Hillary was. It was an exceptional performance. If she had a sense of her life's ambition culminating in that moment and having to bridle her ambition while remaining sharp, she killed. She must have known early on that Cocaine Don had lost it and was going to be easy prey. Either way... Amazing coup de grace.
  7. Thought it was interesting that she was flat out afraid a couple of times when she was exposed on TPP and email and Trump rambled when the jugular was exposed. That's said, that Hillary was Ali and could have fought anyone tonight. I'm still disturbed that Hillay's staff destroyed evidence and think it needs to be investigated to its conclusion, but that non-shouty, incredibly prepared Hillary looked hella-Presidential and Trump looked like a schizophrenic. Weird election cycle, but if I knew nothing about Hillary or the things she's done, I'd be very impressed by the quality of her debate performance. It was excellent. Credit where it's due.
  8. I apologize to Hillary Clinton. She can be my President now.
  9. Wow--what a beat down. Worse than I even thought. Where's this Hillary been? No shouting. Prepared. Not shouty. Can't contrast these two. He's done after tonight.
  10. You mean perceived access, which they curry favor for,
  11. In just over 2 hours that will not matter, one way or the other. I'm guessing it's 70 by next Monday.
  12. Orders by Mills! Impeachment '17!
  13. Just saw my first Hitmonlee. CP 367. Didn't even know it existed but since I don't have one I figured screw it, raspberry and Ultraball despite the modest stats. First throw "Nice", two shakes of the Ultraball (did I mention it was an Ultraball!) and he breaks free and escapes. Now I have 118 seen, 117 caught. I can see if I got greedy and went standard. If that were to happen with a Snorlax I'd be breaking ####.
  14. That was great.
  15. Ice tea, check. Lemonade, check. Tears...