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  1. 3 year old, going on 4, is getting more independent. So wife left her alone on the toilet. A few minutes later, wife happens upon her, fully dressed, in the playroom and says, “Did you wipe your bottom? Did you flush the toilet? Did you wash your hands?” Daughter said, “I didn’t do any of that,” and walked back into the bathroom.
  2. This is not at all funny. President is in heavy medication, or some drug(s). He is mentally unfit and a danger to national security. At least, his supporters should support an intervention to get him sober.
  3. Last night’s episode was brilliant!!! Such respect for HBO for supporting Oliver on the topic of SLAPP suits. As documented in the main segment, they are an effective tool for tyrants, who mitigate negative coverage for the worst serial law breakers and thugs. Very likely there’s another suit, that while probably unsuccessful, will cost hundreds of thousands minimum. Hope it draws attention and leads to legislation. Wife told me Disney Plus starts today and asked if we can pare down subscriptions and ditch HBO. Answer was nope. Supporting them for that segment alone.
  4. I’ll vote blue down to dog catcher. It’s a message. Do not ever, ever, ever, ever pull this #### again.
  5. Joe, want to echo this. Been digesting for a couple days. Will definitely guide behavior going forward. Just an exceptional, sincere appeal. As I’ve said before, I wish Zuckerburg approached Facebook with 1/10 the integrity you do. The world would be a much better place. I will think about what I’m about to say, before letting infect posits. But I think there are posters who operate in good and bad faith. Good faith posters have a point of view. They may be misguided, or iterating based on flawed logic, but there’s a sincere attempt to get to a truth. How do you have a discussion with someone operating in bad faith? When someone refuses to accept the provenance of meticulous fact gathering with standards for conspiracies (full disclosure: I’ve done this more than once over my 16 years here), how are you supposed to confront that? Sometimes contempt has a purpose. Some things are contemptible, especially when adopted at scale they victimize real people by, for example, eroding democracy. When you factor that people are being purposely ripped apart scientifically as part of state run campaigns to destabilize the West, contempt is a weapon that if disabled may enable those practices. Lots to think about, and thank you for taking the time to express your thoughts and lay out reasonable guardrails.
  6. Another thing that upset me in 2015-2016, and went in the Cons column for Hillary, speaks to the heart my belief in norms and institutions. The primary process on the Democratic side was far from fair and democratic. This probably would have slipped by relatively unnoticed had the DNC not tripled down on providing cover for Hillary when the public sentiment turned in the early months of the email scandal, and I think the public wanted to see what other choices were out there. At that point, a Biden in the race would have shattered her strangle hold on the presumed nomination, and the fact Superdelegates had long been bought off and DNC was stacked with Hillary loyalists, made the process feel downright un-American. I heavily suspect Obama appealed to Biden not to run, and that it was the product of deal made for Hillary's support after Obama won the 2008 nomination. I was embarrassed by Trump from the get-go, but at least he withstood a process and emerged, for all the warts, as the clear choice the GOP voting public wanted. I believed at the time, and still suspect, that had the public been less cynical about the Hillary machine and its avoidance of real competition, the candidate it selected would not have been Hillary, and even if it were, there would have been less of a backlash, and she'd have cruised to victory. _ Of course, even as I try to defend any of this, I still feel uncomfortable about my choice.
  7. I thought this, because I assumed our system was less flexible to corruption -- or more specifically, I underestimated the willingness of the GOP to make a bum rush for a permanent majority. Our system is not set up to withstand 2, or certainly 3 simultaneously corrupt branches, and was too optimistic that the other two branches would maintain their integrity. I would not risk it again, though I hope the outcome is a hard rejection, and swing back towards normalcy and engagement by a more enlightened public. I think every day though, "What if it's not?"
  8. I was PISSED in 2016! I would call myself an Institutionalist. I believe in our founding constructs, and the need to arduously defend them against any political winds. I thought Hillary represented one wind, and Trump represented another. Both would weaken our construct as a Democratic Republic. I'll cop to the fact that I was partially persuaded by Facebook disinformation, which I was too ready to believe. I acknowledge this, deleted my Facebook account, and have changed my personal filter and critical thinking process accordingly. I was disturbed by comments during Hillary's paid speeches to Wall Street betrayed a cynicism and lack of regard for the every day American, who were worthy of being glossed over with political falsehoods. (Remember, she said she maintained a set of public and private views. Hacked emails also revealed a memo where Podesta promised that Hillary's anti-TPP views were for show until after the Election.) The Epstein relationship with Bill and sketchy flights where he ditched Secret Service also factored. It bothered me to no end that Hillary should have been able to go after Trump based on his history of sexual abuse, but she couldn't even go there, because our candidates were so terrible they were both two degrees from pedophilia scandal. Any other Democratic candidate would have hammered Trump on that. Fact is, she couldn't. Did I mention I was angry in 2016? That said, I intended to hold my nose and vote for Hillary when I arrived at the polls. I honestly think it was the news that she ordered fireworks that led me to go the other way. I mean, the hubris! It was a luxury I had to vote for Trump as a protest against whom I presumed would win, because I wasn't in a swing state. If I were, I have little doubt I'd have voted for Hillary, and then Republicans for every office down ticket. As it was, I voted an entirely red ticket because I wanted to balance what I presumed was a Hillary Executive Branch. I can't wait to put this entire era behind me. I just want moderate leadership that has integrity and respects our norms, institutions, and traditions - or, dare say, is proud to represent those things as important and worthy of demonstrating.
  9. I was 50/50 in the 2012 race between Obama and Romney. I had a last minute work trip that took me out of state on Election Day, and didn't vote. That one was a coin flip for me. I voted for Trump in 2016 - but as I've chronicled here, I live in Texas, was deeply upset about the candidates. There were a few reasons I voted for Trump, none of them because I thought he was a suitable candidate. Simplest was I cancelled my wife's vote for Hillary to make our household neutral. Deeper reasons were that I thought Clinton would win and didn't want her to think she had a mandate. I voted early and it was right after she'd ordered fireworks for Election Night, and it was a last straw. I also thought she'd put a polite face on probably 8 years of oligarchy, and I thought Trump's in-your-face autocracy would get the masses reengaged in the political process. I would not vote for Trump over again, as things got way worse and more dangerous for democracy than I thought. Given today's GOP, I cannot imagine ever voting Republican again, for any major office. The party is not a responsible steward of our Republic. Of note, Election Night, I was staying in Times Square, between the Clinton and Trump camps. After staying up until 4am or so watching results and coverage, I walked by the Midtown Hilton, where Trump gave his victory speech on the way to my 10am meeting at Trump Tower. Was a crazy morning. When I arrived at the Tower, I saw a young woman try to jump the barricades, screaming. Knew it would be quite a 4 years.
  10. Parts of the ABC story that Is like to see explored more deeply: 1. Royal’s actions when confronted about the story, and “threats” referenced on hot mic 2. What did she mean by her assertion ABC had Clinton? Is this the flight logs that are already public, or more?
  11. Really bothers me that this story is losing momentum. More than any travesty of modern politics, this wreaks of the rich getting away with it. By now, dozens of prominent men should be publicly implicated. The fact they are not saddens me. I doubt the SDNY case will go anywhere. Too much money, too many lawyers, and a corpse seem to have sealed the tomb.
  12. File in the drawer or packed folders labeled, “Trump is Compromised by Putin.” According to Russia, Trump (while threatening to withhold aid for fires in California,) offers to help Putin fight forest fires in Siberia.
  13. I was more forgiving of Trump supporters shortly after the election. I voted for Trump, though always thought he is terrible and voted for him over Hillary for a few reasons, one of which was to cancel my wife’s vote in a state where Trump was already destined to win. I also figured Hillary would win, and didn’t want anything that appeared like a mandate, and also thought America might need a shot in the arm to start being responsible shepherds of our system. If given the choice again, I’d vote for Hillary, and if I’d been in a state that was being contested, I’d have reluctantly voted Hillary. I was sympathetic in 2016 to the fact that non-Urban America had been marginalized, or that this was at least perceived specifically in relation to a globalist like Clinton. But as Trump’s lawlessness, cruelty, racism, and erraticism have manifested, and the Democratic field offers solid options, it’s hard to ignore the fact that one of, if not the, predominant factors in the Trump cult is a sense that Trump will take from “them,” and give to “us,” the denominator being strictly race. It’s why, I’d argue, his base is so hard to erode.