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  1. I remember the moment in 2006 when it dawned on me that we were on our way to a major recession that would be brought on my irresponsible lending and a housing bubble. I vowed that I would sell my home the moment there was a downward comp in my neighborhood and did. Getting a similar but different vibe now. Moved all my 401k money to bonds yesterday. Inherent weakness has been buried under layers of poor policy, shielding the fact that the economy can’t continue to grow with the current distribution of wealth. Yes, we’re reaping efficiency from exponentials in tech, but it’s masked softness that can’t be hidden with chicanery much longer. Between now and end of 2020, there’s going to be a recession. That may get worse if a Democrat is elected... not because it’s bad for the nation, but because it will cause us to come back to Earth and face real problems with actual economic policy beyond short term thinking. Decided I’m mostly out of the stock market until then. I think it’s more likely the stock market will be at 19,000 than 28,000, and wouldn’t be surprised if it dips below 17,000. Would prefer to buy when it’s down than weather that volatility.
  3. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful boy. Beautiful family.
  4. Cellmate at all times and suicide prevention smock. Done.
  5. I can’t get on board with this, simply because after a failed previous attempt, and the high profile nature of the case, any competent AG (and reporting chain) would have documented efforts to ensure Epstein made it through trial. This is the expected, rational behavior. “This is Bill Barr. I want to personally understand the efforts that will be taken, ensure every step will be taken, and follow up to ensure the victims get justice.” Anything short would be a massive failure by Barr. The fact this wasn’t done is all too predictable, as to enhance the overall “you’ve got to be kidding me!” reaction to the news.
  6. Was on Twitter commenting today, and I’m nobody, insignificant, so not a threat to anyone... but for the first time I felt worried that I was speaking publicly about my disdain for this administration. For me personally, I hit a tipping point whereby I have such deep distrust I no longer feel completely free to express my thoughts about the government without a tinge of fear. How long before it’s not safe to be critical? Maybe when a couple of major Twitter critics die?
  7. Confirming a partisan who abuses the role of AG erodes trust, and is dangerous. Within hours, it appears both Trump and Barr are sewing seeds of a Clinton body count conspiracy that will make its rounds cyclically from them to troll bots and back, just like in 2016. At minimum, this is gross incompetence by DOJ in a case that was already a travesty and has shielded the guilty for too long.
  8. This is sure to spark a bunch of unfounded conspiracy theories, by a handful of nuts who think he committed suicide in his cell.
  9. So ####ed up. After previous attempt, couldn’t be kept alive under 24 hour surveillance? Outrageous.
  10. 2k pages of Epstein files being released. Let it rain.
  11. If we time warped here from before when the Tea Party bull#### started, we wouldn’t believe it.
  12. Listening to a very good podcast series on World War I by Dan Carlin, as part of his Hardcore History. He made a very good point that virtually very nation has at one point waged genocide. It’s a natural instinct to kill by category, aspiring to wipe out the other. It’s human nature to label, assign blame, and believe that problems will be solved by purging. Make no mistake, it’s a process, and it begins with rhetoric that escalates and brings a storm of political oppression and eventually authoritarianism. It starts with what Fox News is doing, and they have been emboldened even since Trump. Skin color is easy to categorize by, but it’s almost as easy to group by class or political party. Oh, and eventually that happens. Here’s the thing though. We don’t have to. That’s right. We can learn from history, recognize destructive patterns and deny our demons. We are capable of rejecting the easy answers, and emotions that appeal to the lowest common denominator. In fact, it’s a moral duty and the fruit of legacy to do so. For God sake, why else did we beat back the Nazis? If you feel the temptation to nod along with a Carlson, or any other despot, simply don’t. Think harder. Be more critical. Consider how inclusion, compassion and generosity can breed a better world, and not the opposite. It is a choice. Your choice.
  13. Tucker Carlson’s only purpose is to attempt to normalize at times morally repugnant white, GOP-centered agenda. No matter how vile it gets, his job is to “what about” people into thinking it’s perfectly okay to turn their backs on those who don’t fall into their category.
  14. Stoking political discord + nothing on gun law reforms = Holy Toledo!
  15. Matter of time before Texas is blue. Would say 20 years, but with modern Republicans and their lawlessness and immortality, the shift is occurring faster. Multiple GOP congressmen see the writing and aren’t running in 2020.