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  1. Is it even early at 70? I think that's the normal arrival date. Gotta think by 73 if your Alzheimers doesn't come, you'd be lobbing in a call.
  2. Amazing if someone wants to create a foundation and use their talents and connections for good. Except when you or your spouse are still directly involved in government, or aspire to be. Until that's over, give to another foundation. As long as you or your spouse are directly involved in politics, you should not even work for any organization that accepts donations for 5 years. In the end, government works best with the assumption that our leaders will behave badly, because eventually many will. He presumption of innocence is pragmatic when it comes to these matters. Hard lines.
  3. Dear, sweet, naive Tommy. Clintons are corrupt. They make sure their cronies are fed red meet and green dollars. If ever we had perfect information that weren't obstructed, you'd see a wave of payments flowing out and an a wave coming back in. It's an industry. And it works in the way that industries work. Organized, efficient and based on incentives.
  4. Grief. It was crippling for me for some months, but it'll fade. Shady, in the end you have much to be sad about but little if anything you should regret. I had a really hard time getting back to life after my Connor passed. Work a hour... Walk two. What eventually changed, and sometime maybe I'll tell you the story over a beer (after a hug) is when I gave myself permission to be broken. Long story short, I stopped pretending and told a friend essentially that I wish my internal injuries could be understood externally by all. If I were in a full body cast, people wouldn't question or have to ask. The mere recognition that that was what was true gave me a sense of my own permission to just be broken--and that alone began the healing for me. You are broken and that is okay.
  5. So, so very sorry, Shady. You showed unbelievable character and love. All the life is gone, and it'll never be fair, and the finality of it is unfathomable. But... She will never be far. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family. May you all find peace. Edit: Eulogy is beautiful.
  6. This is really it (in re: Tim). My entire crusade against Hillary began with an awareness that she had clearly done things that it is played out she did. Call it heuristics, but it was apparent to anyone who knows anything exactly what Hillary is capable of, and what she did. And I feel vindicated already that her character was shown. I just wish there were another candidate.
  7. Before they answer: it has been established that despite the lies these were work emails that by law needed to be preserved... Unless. What's the unless? Why did she/they want these gone forever?
  8. Follow the original posts. Somone posted a litany of facts tying Trump to the sex ring. I had made the accusation against Bill, because I find it highly unlikely he partook -- which is rape.
  9. See Baloney's post below yours. You don't fly on a plane where hookers are the flight crew 26 times and ditch SS 5 on them by chance.
  10. Do love how your deflection implicates Trumpmfor flying the "Lolita Express" "at least once." I agree that's way too many! Flight logs show Clinton flying it 26 times. 26! 5 of those he ditched his secret service detail. Hmm. That's curious. I want that guy living in the White House. Epstein also owned a little kiddie prom sex island. And at least one girl said she saw Bill there as well. It's damn likely that both Bill and Donald had sexual interaction with underaged women within Epstein's network. There is only one word for that, which is rape.
  11. I'm not on a side here. Trump and Bill are both known associates and can both burn in Hell if they raped girls, which it's likely both did.
  12. Knees weren't what was generally slapped on the Lolita Express, where underage girls were raped by powerful men who will not be named as protected by courts. But where Bill rode 26 times and ditched his security detail 5. Don't dare make fun though, and don't question this serial liar and philanderer. :economyczar:
  13. For thousands of years we had a norm in Europe of feudalistic states that rested comfortably on in a four legged stool: government, nepotism, dynasty and church. Dark Ages, followed by centuries of war and still oppressive monarchy. Our forefathers realized that oppression needed a base, a table of sorts, and determined to saw off the legs of private money, nepotism and church. Government must stand alone as a tall stilt, to the degree possible. Despite flaws, our system has managed to exist in its best form with that stilt, and oppression cannot reside atop it without constant wobble. At the core of why I revile what Hillary represents is because she is the pinnacle of a long-term effort by many to rebuild the table. (It's happened on both "sides," which is why I also revile the two party system; but Clintons have been closest Svengalis to get media and people to go along). The Right tries with all its might and has been partially successful in re-erecting that church leg. Hillary supports the raising of the nepotism and dynasty legs to whatever degree she can get away with and will try like hell to pull them as tall and straight as she can get them. What we have in this country today are all steel cables with cranes hoisting the three legs that should not stand, that must not stand for us to be Americans, to heights they simply are not supposed to be. The vast majority of us sit below this table in its shadow. Hillary and crew will laize atop with pot bellies and outstretched legs.
  14. I've taken to Twitter a couple times now to write what words of paltry support I can to her. It's a token, but the racism, hate and misogyny thrown at her makes me so sad to be a human. Just awful.
  15. No, but we must rigorously maintain the separation of church and state. Just as we MUST separate back room influence/private wealth from government power, no matter who is in charge -- and whether Bill raped those underage girls or not. :LolitaExpress: