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  1. Incidentally, the shove of Montenegro PM seemed like innocent ball swinging, but it's yet another indication that Trump is doing Putin bidding. Russia is staunchly opposed to Montenegro inclusion. So why is Trump sending a direct message Putin would want to send? How many ways does Trump need to represent Russian interests before it dawns on people?
  2. Only hope you actually have is that the story isn't true. The "it's normal" doesn't hold up. The behavior of conspiring to circumvent US communications channels with Russian ones is espionage. There is no sugar coating it. When are you going to let the ludicrous clinging to alternative facts go? In news unrelated directly to Russia, Kusner negotiates a $110 B arms deal that is technically illegal because of Saudi military involvement in Yemen. On its heels, there's quid pro quo. Saudis give a hundred mil to Ivanka's women's fund. They invest $20 B in Black Rock Captial, which is the source of a billion in UNDISCLOSED Kushner family loans - part related to deals that are underwater. Black Rock CEO nets $500m immediately. Can you really not see what's happening here? More related, Flynn, Sessions and Kushner all "forgot" to disclose meetings with Kislyak on clearnance forms, despite it being a felony. At what point does that not look like a coincidence and look like a conspiracy? (I mean to you, it appears that way to anyone being honest with themselves). My belief is that despite your good intentions, you've excused egregious encroachment on everything Americans fought for in our last century. We are being fleeced and the White House is compromised in multiple ways.
  3. You are detached from plausible reality. #truth
  4. Important to note the underlying dynamic of his supporters. They back Trump because he promised to use military and political power to take from "them" and give to "us." The average Trump supporter, just like any class seeking to be anointed favorably in a caste system, is motivated by a sense of entitlement and need to subjugate the most powerful in the "them" caste under the least powerful in the "us". That is what motivates the rank Trump supporter. It doesn't even matter, really, who "them" is, as long as "us" (Trump backer) perceives they are rising towards the top of the social order and receiving disproportionate benefits. They claim of course that this is fair, for whatever bull#### reasons, but they really don't care. Those who subscribe to such primitive instincts, and who have followed Trump this far, are not likely to rise above them to embrace more evolved principles. They would follow him even if he succeeded in usurping our checks and balances and corruptioning our media, and would rationalize it at each step along the way.
  5. Read an analysis that fact Mueller was briefed on Comey memos is a telltale sign that Trump is personally a target of the investigation. Otherwise, Mueller would have to grounds.
  6. It's like the NBA playoffs. Every day there's a game. Only by game I mean devastating revelation.
  7. Daily Trump dumpster fire has dropped. He personally asked Coats and Rogers to deny Trump-Russia.
  8. "Weird world in which liberals trust the FBI, CIA, NSA, and Pentagon, while so-called conservatives prefer Julian Assange, Kim Dotcom & RT" (David Frum)
  9. On the short list for best of from a brilliant poster. (From my limited purview of posts I've read).
  10. My prediction is that Ryan tape drops by Thursday 10pm EST.
  11. A few weeks ago I got a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach, and I know I'm not alone. It occurred to me that these ####ers were going to make a run to consolidate power and overrule the system of controls. They want all three branches, and to topple the independent IC and delegitimize the Fourth Estate. The reason I believe this occurred speaks to why I was upset with both candidates and both parties. The way we finance candidates has weeded out the personality types who were in politics for public good. What we are left with is a particular personality type that has a high EQ and optimizes for oneself (and ergo their big money benefactors). Now that that's what we have left, it's a dangerous set of conditions because there is no shaming them and no end to the lengths they will go to push beyond boundaries using power as an instrument. This is the natural progression of global politics, to be sure, but it's also what our Founders established our system and Constitution to mitigate. The majority of our government doesn't care about the enlightened principles and stewardship of those tenants. They are in it for them, and that is incredibly dangerous. When The People willingly cede their authority and go along, well that's a Code Red. And right now that's where every free thinking American should be.
  12. I can now confidently say I was prone to and was influenced by Russian disinformation. I came to this thread about 70 pages in with a sense that the Hillary cult was whining. But there were posters here I respect and I started reading, in February. One day, I read every page of the thread (to that point), including every article linked, and I've been following ardently in media, here and on Twitter since. On top of that drip of damning information, it's been striking to watch what Trump and associates and the GOP generally have done. As it pertains to Trump and company, their actions and behavior scream guilt. The combination of facts and behavior cannot be denied any longer. The wholesale attack of the career professionals in IC and the MSM (though imperfect) to discredit all sources of truth but those of one party is the most shameful and disturbing political development in my lifetime -- and not just because it was perpetrated, but because it's being swallowed by too many. If there was one more straw the camel's back could sustain it was exceeded by Trump's actions in the Oval with Kislyak and Lavrov, and then again by the revelation that Kushner is a target. That's not something that was leaked casually. This is a war. And it is appropriate to take sides. I side against Putin, and everyone aligned with him.
  13. Mensch posting constantly last few hours. Seems like a bi-polar in a manic episode.
  14. I wasn't going to be happy with my vote regardless. And knowing what I know now, I wouldn't do it again. My issue was that neither candidate was a steward of a Democrastic Republic. Hillary is an oligarch. Trump an authoritarian. Whereas I believed Trump would be worse, I thought checks and balances would hold and it might actually force an awakening; where's Hillary would have a polite enough face to oligarchy that we'd accept our further slide. What I didn't anticipate is how close to the edge we would come with a GOP willing to abandon principle in an end run for power. Nor how directly Trump and team conspired with Russia to push Putin's agenda. If you don't think what happened in the Oval last week with Lavrov and Kislyak was disturbing and screams of Trump beholden to Russia, your eyes are closed. What is known to a degree of certainty now that was unknown then is that the Russians are waging war against us, and the Trump campaign and a large swatch of the GOP either participated or were complicit. It's known generally how this war was waged and who some of the actors were (Wikileaks was not a hero of truth, as I believed they were in November.) The dozens of unreported contacts with Russians add up to something. The most prudent course or action is to assume the enemy reached the top of the government. It's a crisis. All Americans should know who is in the right side of this war. If you've chosen to take the side that our good men and women ranks of the press and IC are on, I cannot stress enough how big of a mistake I think you are making. This is a crisis that transcends party politics.