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  1. NBC news uncovers millions in undisclosed loans to Manafort from Russian oligarch.
  2. I got goosebumps. Then thought about it. He didn't stand his ground. He ran, because random gun violence requires action, not stubbornness.
  3. Maybe had to be there. Playing with 1 yo on playground. Three 7-8 yos trying to impress each other. Kid 1: Have you ever beat anyone up? Kid 2: Oldest kid I ever beat up was when I was 5, and I beat up a 10th Grader. Kid 3: Oh. Sweet, bro.
  4. May or may not be related, but rumblings that General Kelly may have already resigned--announced this evening.
  5. The issue is whether Russia hacked voter databases and passed that data back to Kushner run data targeting operation. If so, it's the hangman's noose.
  6. Remember more than once in the late 70s, early 80s when Petty hit a cultural note -- thinking he was the epitome of cool. Living like a refuge, freefalling, last dance with Mary Jane. He just seemed to be living in this surreal West Coast skater fantasy dream world. Love this guy's music. Written into my childhood.
  7. Former. Just sayin'it out loud.
  8. Someone with a will to do this in the US has plenty of soft targets. That said, I think future events will have to consider line of sight / possible line of fire into their planning. At least for now, that's as good as it's going to get.
  9. Feel the same as you. Deep, deep sadness.
  10. Thoughts and prayers. Could have been any of us. I am at conferences at Mandalay at least twice a year. Out of respect, I will not politicize this. But damnit, it's so frustrating knowing how little will change and how much should.
  11. I'm on the bed reading. 7 year old is playing tablet beside me. Out of the blue. 7 yo: I feel comfortable with my dad. Me: Awe, thanks, Buddy. 7 yo: [doesn't look up, but points with fully extended arm]: That man, right there.
  12. Adds are bought on a CPM basis. Cost per mil (thousand). So your $10 per "click" actually buys you 1000 clicks. So the reach of that $100k is actually 1 million, not 10k.
  13. If you don't follow Mike Farb on Twitter, consider it. Asks some good and tough questions about Russia hacking the vote itself. Haven't read it, but apparently Time reporting that in at least some precincts votes were flipped. Expect this story to grow over time.