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  1. Request: what are the most credible and comprehensive sources that chronicle the timeline of Hillary and Company's actions throughout the email saga, from the time Justin Cooper established the domain until evidence was destroyed with hammers? How would you provide a primer for someone to understand the intent and actions of all parties? Hard to find a good summary of where we stand.
  2. Enjoyance is what you do when you have to put up with something really difficult for a long period of time. Relentless. Unyielding. Like a long distance enjoyance race.
  3. It's all become a big joke. We have no standards left.
  4. Nice Cubs reference.
  5. Anyone else look at the cover of Drudge lately? Could this election POSSIBLY get any uglier?
  6. Investigators claim Clinton may avoid impeachment because, "We don't know where the #### to start."
  7. Chelsea Accused Teneo Founder of Installing Spyware!
  8. This is easy to explain. One needs a public position where they say what they must, and a private position where they do what they want.
  9. Yes, but, for the last year you've pushed a lit pack of matches on a brittle forest.
  10. Genuine smoking gun in Podesta Wikileaks release 9. "Take the money!!" is the conclusion by top staff when they debate whether, just #### it, they should break the law and take foreign donations. Assuming they did, the question becomes how they laundered it and Hillary's relationship to the crimes, whose intent is clearly documented in the link.
  11. My perfect outcome is Hillary elected, then driven out on a rail. So as long as Trump is safely in his cage, I'm happy for her to get some claw marks. To me, whether she's a Lesbian or not has no effect. It would reenforce the perception that she exists of a foundation of lies though and make the coming calls for hearings and impeachment all the louder.
  12. Drudge hinting that sex stuff going to drop against Hillary.
  13. Wife tells me son is going to get his flu shot tomorrow. I look at her funny and look over at him expecting to see horror. He throws his hands up and says happily, "I get a token and I get to pee in a cup!!!" I'm like WTF and ask the wife to clarify. She says they have a cheap toy gumball machine and "a Pokin' gets a token." He was in two weeks ago to have an infection looked at and apparently begged to the doctor, "Do I get a shot!!!!"
  14. When my dearly departed son, Connor, was I believe 6, a team consisting of blonde girls in pigtails and pink jerseys ran up the score on his team to something like 18-3. I watched through my fingers as the best girl keep scoring and scoring and pumping her fist. She was ####### evil. Great and ####### evil. It was a dark day.
  15. I am dead set against both candidates. Someone stumped me by asking what politicians I do support and like. I did a Google search to inspire me and found precious little objective discussion on who is most ethical, most effective, most liked. So thoughts. I suspect the best are those who garner respect across the aisle. Who are the good ones, regardless of party - and why?