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A comprehensive list of cars you've owned

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1977 GMC Jimmy. Manual with manual locking hubs for 4 wheel which had it's own manual stick on the floor.

Still pissed to this day I let that go. Would love to still have it. 

1985 Pontiac Grand Prix. The old body before they changed it.

After that it's been Civics, Altimas, minivans, and SUVs.  Usual married middle aged stuff. Never been a car guy really so don't care that much.

Except for the Jimmy. I want that truck back.

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1986 Jeep Cherokee - Big.  Blue.  Hole in the muffler.  Fun to drive around in the country and great for field parties in High School.  

1995 Jeep Wrangler - My parents got me my graduation gift a year early, so I had the benefit of having it for my senior year of HS.  Probably the car I miss the most as I had so many memories attached to that Jeep.  I sold it in 2007, and I still miss it.  It had no AC, but was lifted 2.5" and had a great stereo in it.  The perfect car for college/beach/summer, and would go anywhere.  Not so great once I got a "real" job.

2003 Infiniti G35 Coupe - Got this a few years after I graduated college.  Really fun car.  Styling was ahead of its time when it first came out.  Did all sorts of speed upgrades to it, but not too "ricey."  Got it up to 140 mph on the highway late one night -  DUMB, but still something I remember.  Sold it to a friend of mine in 2012.

2008 Land Rover LR2 - Got this before I went to grad school - Poor man's Land Rover.  I know some folks say LR's have lots of issues, but this one gave me 150,000 trouble-free miles.  Great car.  I think still my Wife's favorite car that I've had.  Met her when I had it.  

2007 Porsche Cayman - Bought it a few years used.  Only had 8,000 miles on it when I got it.  JUST passed 20,000 miles on it the other day, so obviously I don't drive it that much.  Especially now with 2 kids - it's only been driven in the rain once or twice by accident.  Otherwise, it hangs in the garage until I get a day where I don't have to take the kids to daycare.  Light and nimble - It' just GOES.  I have no doubt I could smash the 140 I did in the G35, but I won't ever try that now.  It's over 10 years old, but still "feels" brand new.  Borla exhaust and some other mods give it a nice racey feel.

2017 Volvo XC90 Inscription with Polestar - My replacement for my LR2 - fantastic so far.  Big inside, but doesn't feel huge to drive.  All the tech gadgets, and the interior is gorgeous.  Gets 23-24 mpg too which is a nice perk.  With the Polestar tuning, it's pretty quick for having a Supercharged/Turbocharged I-4.  

All good cars - now that I've got 2 kids, I think once I get rid of the Porsche, I won't have another sports car for a while.  Just doesn't make sense.  I prefer driving SUV's anyway.  Wife currently has an Acura RDX - May get her a Volvo XC60 or maybe XC40 at some point since she seems to really like the Volvos.

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datsun 280zx (1981)- father gave me this car.  had it in high school and college (86-91).  very fun.

jeep cherokee lardeo (1991)-  first car i bought after college.  perfect for the time.  great for scuba, skiing, camping, taking the dogs out and about.

bmw 328i (1999)- bought it for wife and i.  turned into my car.  did this as a euro-delivery (germany, switzerland, austria)

bmw 330CI (2001)- sold the 328 sedan for a coupe that was more sporty.  also a eruo-delivery (germany for pick up, then did 4 weeks in france)

bmw M3 convertible (2005)- sold the 330ci in 2012. went a year without a car, then bought this used in 2013 with less than 40k on it. still doing well.

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I needed a car for high school and my parents gave me a budget and said "go pick something out, let us look it over and if it looks good we'll pay for it but then it's your responsibility."

1976 Buick Le Sabre Custom sedan - this was 1985, I was a Junior in HS, the car was pretty much perfect, it had 80k miles, a 350V8, loaded, owned it for one week b/c I totaled it, 100% my fault.

1970 Chevrolet Caprice Classic sedan - this replaced the Buick and while it was clean, rust free, etc, it was an awful car.  It had a SB 400, God only knows how many miles (I would say it rolled over twice because everything was worn out on it.)  When I went off to college my parents offered it to me, I turned it down because I couldn't afford to keep it on the road, it was constantly breaking down.  It looked pretty sharp, it was a North Carolina car, but it was pretty well worn out.

The rest are cars I purchased and owned :

1992 - new 1992 Saturn SL2 5-speed manual, blue/black with light grey interior, I purchased this new from Saturn b/c GM financing was a then amazing 6.9%, I wanted a Honda Accord coupe, Honda financing was 14% - I had the car for 18 months - someone hit me on the way in to work and it was totaled.

1993 - 1993 Ford Probe GT V6 5-speed manual, black w/red interior, pretty well loaded.  I put 3 exhaust systems on this car, it was constantly in the shop, fun car when it wasn't at the Ford dealership but after a few years the expense and dealership pain outweighed the fun part.

1998 - 1995 Toyota Avalon XL - gold w/beige leather it had like 25k miles on it  - I traded in my Ford Probe and gave Avalon to my wife and then I took her 1991 base Toyota Camry 4 cylinder automatic.  Her Camry had 100k miles on it, I put another 120k miles on it.

2002 - 1999 Toyota Camry LE - 4 cylinder, automatic red w/beige cloth  - this had like 14k miles on it - I bought this car to replace the '91 Camry, my wife liked this Camry better than the Avalon so then I took over the Avalon.

2003 - new 2003 VW Passat GLS 5-speed manual black w/black leather - another new one I bought - I drove the Avalon for about 6 months, hated driving the Avalon everyday and so I traded it for the VW.

2006 - new 2005 Subaru Outback XT Limited 5-speed - black w/black leather - the VW was rear ended and totaled while I sat at a stop light, I wanted a wagon, Outback fit the bill.

2005 - 1993 Nissan 300ZX 5-speed - blue w/black leather - I had wanted a 300ZX ever since I was in college, I found this one about 100 miles away w/43k miles on it, original owner, so I had it for 7 years and sold it to a friend to make room for the replacement weekender.  I put about 5k miles on it, it looked better than when I got when I sold it.

2008 - 2008 Honda Accord EX-L V6 automatic silver w/grey leather for the wifey to replace the '99 Camry - I sold the Camry to a buddy, it had 99k miles on it, he gave it to his son, his son still drives that Camry.

2012 - 2009 C6 Corvette Z-51 6-speed manual w/19k miles, cyber grey metallic over black leather - this replaced the 300ZX.

2015 - new 2016 Subaru WRX Premium black w/black cloth, 6-speed manual - this replaced my Outback which I traded in at the dealership for the WRX.  I really loved the Outback but it had around 125k miles on it, it was due for the timing belt/tune up service plus a wheel bearing and I knew it was time to dump a bunch of money into and drive it for 5 more years and hope I was done spending money on it or get rid of it, I chose to get rid of it.


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1984 Chevy Caprice - Pulled out from stop sign and carburetor got stuck wide open.  Drove for about a mile and was able to slow it down with brakes then realized I could turn the key off.  I was 16 and had only been driving a few months.  Engine blew 6 months later.

1988 Buick LeSabre - Parents old car.  Had the 3800 engine and put 250,000 on it.  Sold it to get next car.

1998 Pontiac GT - Drove until transmission started acting up at 150K.

2008 Dodge Avenger -  Got a great deal.  Still driving 150K.

2004 Dodge Neon - Wifes car when we got married.  Great gas mileage.  Still driving 201K.

1998 Olds Intrigue - Bought a cheap car for wife to drive to school and back after she was laid-off.  Car was loaded and drove great.  Had over 200K when we sold it.

2013 Ford Escape - Bought when we got rid of Intrigue.  

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5 minutes ago, Otis said:

Would love to see @chet‘s list. 

I think it's in this thread already.  Pretty sure I saw it.  What you would expect.

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I'm a car guy so most of these have been/are modified. The crappy cars were obviously winter beaters/cheap daily drivers. ;)

Not in order...

1986 Olds Cutlass Supreme w/a 350
1995 Camaro Z28
1989 Cavalier Z24 Vert
1988 Daytona Shelby Z (Tie for biggest POS I have ever owned)
1999 Grand Prix GTP (2 of these)
1998 Saturn SC2
1998 Grand Prix GTP
2000 Camaro Z28 Vert
1993 Mustang GT
1989 Mustang LX
1995 Mustang GT Vert
1997 Mustang Cobra Vert
1996 Mustang Cobra Mystic
1999 Grand Marquis
2000 Mercury Sable
2003 Honda Accord Coupe
1999 Trans Am
2010 Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track (Tie for biggest POS I have ever had)
2007 BMW 335xi
2006 Corvette
2007 Corvette Z06
2007 Mazdaspeed6 GT
2006 Mazdaspeed6 GT
2017 VW Jetta
1993 Miata
1997 Miata
1997 Miata M Edition
2018 Charger Hellcat

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1984 Volvo (I didn't own it - parents did - but I drove it... 1992)

1969 Ford Mustang convertible (ditto... 1992-1994)

1992 Honda Prelude (1994-2000?)

199(2?) Chevy Blazer (2000?)

2003 Ford Ranger (2003-2011)

2004 Toyota Corolla (2011-present)

It's time for a new vehicle.

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On 11/14/2016 at 4:56 PM, chet said:

1991 Honda Civic--Bought used and parked on the street. Reliable car for tooting around the city before kids.

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee--wife mainly used it and was the vehicle we had when our daughter was born in 2001

2000 Mercedes Benz S430--I bought it new and will never make that mistake again with a high priced vehicle (possible exception listed below).  Great car and got me hooked on the brand.

2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee--to replace the first one and also the car we took our son home from the hospital in when he was born in 2005.

2003 Mercedes Benz S600--purchased used with low mileage for less than half of original sticker.  Sleek and fast.

2009 Acura MDX--wife needed an SUV with a third row of seats to move all the kids and friends around town.  Bought new and has generally been reliable.  Will be replaced in the next year or so.

2006 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti--Purchased used still under factory warranty with about 8,500 miles.  Took it to the dealership and had both headlights replaced under warranty--service rep said bill would have been ~10k if warranty had not been active.  Still own it and love it.  Roughly 23k miles now.  Don't drive it in the winter even though the manual has instructions for driving in the snow.

2009 Ford Expedition--purchased for use at our house in Park City. Nothing fancy but effective for moving people and skis around. 

2007 Mercedes Benz S65 RennTech Stage 2--top of the line sedan with 696 horsepower.  Purchased used with 18k miles near the end of factory warranty for less than half of the original purchaser's cost.  Fantastic car.  I have purchased two extended warranties and it's still under coverage.

2018/9 Ferrari F12 replacement--I will be one of the first people in Chicago to get the car that replaces the F12.  I believe it will be announced at the Geneva auto show in March 2017 and will be delivered about a year later.  I'm not 100% sure that I will go through with this because all in, the car will probably be ~$500k.  

Chet wins.

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1983 - buick regal

1977 - ford granada

1984- dodge charger

1983- monte carlo

1989 - chevy s-10 truck

1993 - chevy s-10 truck

1998 - chevy silverado

2001 - chevy silverado

2008 - chrylser town & country



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1971 Dodge Charger (red w/black vinyl top) - my first car. Purchased it in the summer of '88 (right after graduating high school) for $500. What an awesome first car! Lots of fun to drive - probably too much fun since I blew the engine in it twice. Dad sold it for $300 while I was away at college. Wish I still had it.

1988 Ford Festiva (red) - talk about a huge change, going from a big V8 to a hamstermobile. Still, though, it was fun to drive in a different way - almost like a go-cart. I got pretty good at driving it backwards and also it was the perfect size to fit on the sidewalks of the college campus, so there was that. It got great gas mileage and was the perfect pizza delivery car. Plus, it took me all the way through college. It had almost 200,000 miles on it when I traded it in for the Talon (below).

1992 Chevy Cavalier (red) - gf's (now wife's) car. Typical chick car that lasted quite a few years. Very basic.

1991 Eagle Talon (white w/black top) - first car I bought after college. After the Festiva, I wanted something "sporty" and the price was right. It was fun to drive and looked pretty slick.

1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT (green) - the first car I ever bought brand new, trading in the Talon. Another car that was deceptively fun to drive. Loved the color and the way it looked.

2000 Ford Taurus (light blue) - wife's car, traded in the Cavalier. Very plain, almost featureless. But she was fine with it and again the price was right.

2003 Chevy S-10 CrewCab (maroon) - for some reason, I decided I needed a truck, so I traded in the Grand Am for a brand new S-10. Big mistake. Less than a year in, I realized that, with two young kids, the monthly payments were more than we wanted to pay. So I traded it in for something family friendly that got good gas mileage. That would be the...

2003 Chevy Cavalier (blue) - probably shouldn't have gone with another brand new car since I was quite upside down from the S-10, but I liked the color and I felt like I was saving us money by driving a high MPG car. It eventually ended up being too small for a growing family, though, so we traded it in on a...

2005 Dodge Grand Caravan (navy blue) - this became my wife's vehicle (since she had the kids more often) and I drove the Taurus. Man I hated that Taurus - so boring. Eventually, it mercifully wore out and the engine blew. There were a lot of other issues with the Taurus as well. It was a hunk of junk, so I sold it for parts ($400) and bought a...

2005 Pontiac Grand Am (maroon) - I was looking for a "cash" car and I had enjoyed my previous Grand Am. So I bought this for $4000 in 2010 and I actually still have it.

2015 Dodge Grand Caravan R/T (maroon) - When my son started driving two years ago, he got the Grand Am. We bought this vehicle for my wife to drive because she puts a lot more miles on her cars than I do due to her job. That meant that I drove the old blue '05 Grand Caravan for a year, while my son "learned to drive" with the Grand Am.

2013 Dodge Avenger (blue) - We bought this car last September at the beginning of my son's senior year with the plan that I would drive it for a year (while he continued to drive the Grand Am) and then it would be his graduation present. It had 74,100 miles on it when we bought it. When he started driving it full-time six weeks ago, it only had 77,000 miles on it. So, in a year, I put less than 3,000 miles on the car. That's the benefit of living 5 miles away from work, I guess.

2018 Dodge Charger (B5 Blue) - I finally was able to get my "dream car" Memorial Day weekend and, in doing so, have come full circle (Charger to Charger). I bought it brand new with the plan of keeping it for as long as I can. 10 years from now, it should only have about 50,000 miles (or less) on it, so it will still be in great shape.

My daughter will be old enough to drive next spring, so I'll be looking for another "cash" car (probably a Dodge Dart - as you can tell, I like my Dodges) at that point. That means that, by that time, I will have purchased four cars in four years - one for each of us. Sheesh.

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