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What would you want in a third party candidate for president?

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Though a supporter of many 3rd party efforts in the last 40 yrs, i generally thought of them more as a way to make the major parties responsive. The goal for Gene McCarthy, John Anderson, Perot, Nader et al and their supporters was to gather enough of the electorate into a common-sense dissent bloc substantial enough to affect govt behavior and threaten burgeoning into an ongoing entity if the response of leadership was inadequate.

Though the act of coalition-building speaks to the consensus orientation i seek from legislature, America will always be inclined toward an 'us vs. them' system, with the occasional "hey" to keep them honest. But our federal govt is presently owned & operated by K Street and that means a new party must ascend to THE PARTY status (the weaker of the old two to eventually fade away) for real change to be achieved. That's a whole new ballgame. No thorn-in-the-side will do it - the country must be overtaken by the democratic voice of the people, in a consensus of reform & solution, for our nation to avoid collapsing in the middle like a corrupted souffle. It will be all our faults if we don't soon start collecting the straw from each our liberal & conservative fields by which to weave the broom which sweeps away these bums.

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The only thing I want in a third party candidate is the ability to draw more votes away from the opponent of whichever candidate I support.

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